Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 144

Another week has flown by and it's time for wordzzles again.  Sorry about this week's words. They are genuinely AWFUL. I'm really going to have to have a chat with the Muse. She is really playing dirty lately. There's challenging and there's tediously difficult. I think this week's words fall into the latter category. My apologies for that.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge are: parapet, fluster, farm grown, astonishing, march, start from scratch, still crazy, ice cubes, fetid, goose   And for the mini: foster children, window washer, chipmunks, chip, pillage

My mega:

Chip (aka Chester)  Fluster March knew everyone thought he was still crazy - he had been briefly institutionalized after a scaffolding accident - and maybe they were right, but it didn't feel that way. Even before the accident, he had hated living in New York and being a window washer for high rise buildings. During his recovery he and his then girl friend Megan had talked about finding a better way to live and be and had agreed to marry and  move to the country to start from scratch as organic farmers of all things. After an brief time of wondering if he hadn't made a terrible mistake, he had thrown himself into life at Grey Goose Farm with astonishing energy. Their first project had been draining the fetid pond and restoring it. Then they had begun restoration of the old farm house, enlarging it and adding two round towers with parapets and a master bedroom with a "widow's watch." This had been in preparation for the other part of their plan - creating a vibrant, magic-filled home for the dozens of foster children they hoped to care for and maybe even adopt. They had proven to be natural born farmers and parents. They loved growing, eating and marketing their magnificent organic vegetables and rearing what they called "farm-grown" children. Not that it life was totally care free. But their worst problems - as far as they were concerned - were controlling the damage from a family of pillaging chipmunks (without killing them) and learning to live with Ice Cube's music, which was popular with a number of their children. They worked hard, but they were wrapped in each other's love and the love of dozens of children who had passed through  - and often stayed - in their lives over the years. They were blessed and they knew it. Life was good and they gave thanks for their blessings every day.

My mini:

Foster children  Frank and Mary
Did their best to be contrary
But window washer Aston Munks
Being a fan of the Chipmunks
Chipped away at their illusion
That their presence was intrusion
Sapped away their will to pillage
Introduced them to the village -
Who love and laughter would extend
Neighbors, family and friends
He let them know that if they opted
His hope was that they'd be adopted
And be his children always and ever
With a tie that none could sever
Very quickly they relented
And Aston happily parented
Two children whom he called his own
Through childhood and once they'd grown
When he grew old and needed care
Frank and Mary were always there
Wrapping him in tenderness
Protecting him from any stress
So grateful that they always had
Such a true and loving Dad.

My 10-word:

Sarah March slowly filled her glass with ice cubes and a shot of Gray Goose Vodka, reflecting as she did on the astonishing events of the afternoon. She was a strong, grounded,  farm grown woman, not easily flustered, but what she had experienced on that parapet at that strange house had turned her view of the possible upside down. She had never believed in the paranormal before, but now.... she had reviewed the day starting from scratch over and over in her head but it was all still crazy.  She could still smell the fetid odor of the surroundings and feel the creepy sensations on her skin. But it was the voice that she couldn't shake.... She downed her drink in one gulp and reached for another.....  Stewart grinned happily. His novel was off to a good start, he thought. Time to pour himself one of those stiff drinks to celebrate. Inspiration made him thirsty.


Word for next week's 10-word challenge: suicide, Cadillac, martial arts, signs of Spring, flounder, peanut butter, public library, the bachelor, fashion, wearing just a towel

And for the mini: it's a girl, spider web, coffee, slush, champing at the bit

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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