Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 143

Running both late and unenthusiastic today, so I'm going to post next week's words and Mr. Linky and put my own offerings up tonight or tomorrow.  I notice that I slipped up last week and put two words (Pluto and Space Ship) that kind of go together into the words list. It's the one thing I try not to do, but such is life. Besides the Blahs, Angel seems to have it in for wordzzles this week. Every time I star to work on one, she comes for hugs.

Word for this week's challenge were:  Pluto, space ship, make-up, peerless, wishing well, baby shower, cabbage, angels, ample bodied, plunge  And for the mini: chapter six, clams, spark plug, hustle and bustle, fragments

My mega:

Peerless Wonderford, the famed Romance novelist. was hosting her sister Stephanie's baby shower at her home, Wishing Well Manor, dressed in full make-up, her ample bodied form swathed in a lavish gown with a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination. Her publicist has insisted that this would be a great photo op and publicity for her up-coming book, FragmentsAngels, Clams and Cabbages. Stephanie and Peerless (who had been born Sandra) were as close as two sister's could be. Peerless - who was still unmarried and childless - envied (but not in a mean way) the warmth and the happy hustle and bustle of her sister's home and life. Stephanie's oldest child - seven year old Stanley - was an enchanting and delightful spark plug of a boy with a vivid imagination from whom she often gleaned ideas for her books. In fact her current book had been inspired by a story he had told her about a space ship and visitors from Pluto. As agreed, after the other girls arrived and the photo op was behind them, Peerless went upstairs and changed back into Sandra (who wore favored blue jeans and a sweat shirt over low cut gowns), They partied happily for hours and when they left, Peerless felt relaxed and happier than she had in weeks. Not only had she enjoyed the party, but the writer's block which had left her stuck at Chapter Six was gone. She would have the book finished on time after all. And in a few weeks, she'd have a baby niece to hold and hug and dote on. Life was good.

My 10-word:

When the ample bodied aliens from Pluto, waddled off their space ship and plunged into the midst of Mini's baby shower, they caused less of a stir than one might have expected. Because Mini's husband was a Sci-Fi enthusiast and movie producer, no-one in attendance thought much of it, assuming they were part of one of Frank's projects. He had won numerous awards for his peerless skill as a make-up artist, the most famous being the walking cabbages he had created for his movie Fruit of the Dark Wishing Well.  At present, he was working on a film called No Angels These, so Mimi and her friends just thought he had come up with another astonishing creature. Fortunately, Plutonians are among the Universe's most peaceful and generous aliens and these guests (on an visit not authorized by their planet's governing powers) were were just curious about human life. They had a great time at the party and disappeared without a trace - unless you count the amazing aliens Frank came up with for No Angels.  Back on Pluto, there was general bafflement about how any mere Earthling could have come up with such Plutonian looking beings.

And the mini:  

Sam Sandorval thought his cousin Fred's blog - which he called Hustle and Bustle - was inspired. Each week Fred chose fragments from Chapter Six of a wide variety of books to post and write about. One week you  might find information on how to prepare clams, on another biographical material on some star or other, words from a romance novel -or ... well, you get the idea. You never knew what would show up. This week's Chapter 6 was about spark plugs... which was coming in very handy to help Sam - a nerd's nerd for whom cars were alien beings - to fix his girlfriend's ailing car. She was impressed. He was happy.


Word for next week's 10-word challenge: parapet, fluster, farm grown, astonishing, march, start from scratch, still crazy, ice cubes, fetid, goose

And for the mini: foster children, window washer, chipmunks, chip, pillage

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Argent said...

Most amusing treats this week! I really liked the aliens gate-crashing the baby shower. Sorry I didn't post last week, have done another double one for this week instead. Work! Who needs it!

The Bug said...

I'm apparently not playing this week. I did put the words in a document & wrote one sentence, but that's as far as I got.

I love your stories! In fact, I have a book on my desk right now & I'm going to see what Chapter Six is about.

OK, I'm back. The book is Women Food & God by Geneen Roth & the chapter title is "Reteaching Loveliness." Hmm - I think this might be something BOTH of us should learn! I'll let you know what I think of it.

Raven said...

Hi Bug - Reteaching Loveliness. What a wonderful title and wonderful thought. I'll miss your wordzzles, but I know some weeks are harder than others.