Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daily Reminder # 485

Tara Grace did me the honor of posing this morning and I really thought I had gotten her in focus. I swear she has some special voodoo trick she uses to blur the images. But since my pictures tend to be all Angel all the time, I felt I'd post these even if they are not good. 

I thought I'd share a Neale Donald Walsh message from God today. This one is quite thought provoking. I'm sort of addicted to fear so my brain always reacts when the word is there.  When I read this, I had the thought (just seconds ago, so I haven't processed it or thought it through, I'm just throwing it out there) that many of us who live with a history of intense fear tend to be all or nothing.  It's like the only way we can push through our fear is to throw caution to the winds - which all too often, unfortunately - ends up re-enforcing our fear. But not always. Sometimes it reminds us that fear is all in our minds and we are forced to look at the annoying reality that we have sat around paralyzed by something that turned out to be so easy it's humiliating that doing or saying it was ever an issue. I guess the complexity of being human makes life interesting, but sometimes I could do will a little less complexity and a little more.... simplicity. Anyway, here's what God told Neale to tell us:

On this day of your life, dear friend, 
I believe God wants you to know...
...that caution is natural, but fear is not. 
Do not give in
to fear, yet do not abandon caution.

It is a balancing act. Caution is what causes you to look
both ways before crossing the street. Fear is what keeps
you frozen on the curb forever. You know the difference.
You can feel it.

If you're "stuck" right now, you're probably into fear.
Get out of there. You've already looked both ways. Now
cross the street, for heaven sake. The cars have long
since gone. The coast is clear. Your only obstacle now is
your own mind.

You know exactly why you heard this today.
Love, Your Friend.... 

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • clean litter box and garbage out
  • plastic bags
  • Katgo
  • my camera
  • my TV
  • the remote control
  • the mute button
  • my computer
  • the internet
  • email
  • Pandora radio
  • music
  • ear phones
  • the joy of singing
  • reiki
  • angels
  • miracles
  • Dennis Puffett
  • water
  • indoor plumbing
  • cooler evening air
  • crocs
  • coconut oil
  • my house
  • the view from my front window
  • my back yard
  • electricity
  • my Tibetan salt lamps
  • my electric tooth brush
  • my teeth
  • Listerine
  • my microwave oven
  • my kitchen
  • a truckload of money (big bills)
  • more flowers in the back yard
  • a ceiling fan in the bedroom
  • new curtains
  • blinds for the front window
  • freshly painted living and bedroom walls
  • a reading and healing with Nancy DuTertre
  • winning lottery numbers
  • Nintendo
  • a sun room on the back of the house
  • a clothes dryer
  • zero balance on my credit cards
  • a paid off mortgage
  • $5,000/week for life from PCH
  • seeing the red list turn to black
  • my nieces, my nephew and their families
  • that they are happy, healthy and successful
  • my friends
  • Jon Stewart
  • Stephen Colbert
  • google
  • my new grabber
  • sight
  • hearing
  • taste
  • touch
  • smell
  • the aroma of white sage
  • computer games
  • the ability to read and write
  • the ability to type
  • Sam-e
  • Omega-3
  • IP-6
  • Vitamin D-3
  • Advil
  • words
  • poetry
  • my new grabber (it's quite handy)
  • ceiling fans
  • the colors of the rainbow
  • my cane
  • my chair/walker
  • that my legs still get me around with help
  • the post office
  • imagination
  • inspiration
  • ideas
  • resilience
  • determination
  • the capacity to learn and change
  • the telephone
  • light and shadow
  • paper
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • kindness
  • laughter
  • love
  • life


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