Friday, May 11, 2012

All Ache and No Pizazz

Taking another day off from reminders, I'm afraid.  High temp today was 60 something but now it is 34 degrees.  Whether it's the up and down temps or something else, I am all achy and I have no enthusiasm for typing or gratitude. Also have been doing lots of reiki. My therapist's wive came through her surgery fine but I am trying to keep sending her good energy and the antique puppy in Maine is waiting to cross over, so that one feels very sad to me. She's in no pain that I can sense, but I feel sad for her human.

I'm grateful today for life and love and laughter and Advil and all the things that I'm always grateful for. Grateful that tomorrow is another day. That my kitties love me and each other and that the world is a beautiful place. Grateful that my warm bed is waiting for me and that if I am lucky I will wake up in the morning with fewer aches and more enthusiasm.


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