Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still Regenerating

My inner child is having a tantrum. It's not a loud tantrum, it's a feet glue to the floor, hold your breath kind of tantrum. She will not write wordzzles and she will not write a daily reminder, no matter how much I suggest to her that it is our responsibility to do so and that we have made a commitment which we ought to keep. It seems that she doesn't give a hoot about commitments. She just wants a nap. She doesn't have any TV right now either. New TV decided it didn't like taking instructions from the remote and I can't quite manage the manual (buttons missing - all the DOWN buttons for some reason. Can't lower the volume which at the moment is very loud which is the main reason I haven't put the TV on at all. ) Anyway, this is probably very very good for someone who has the TV on all the time even though I don't actually WATCH it. Anyway, I'm rambling and not saying anything. Not to worry about me anybody (you know who you are). I'm fine. Just being ruled by an inner child who doesn't want to come out and play.

and happy inner children

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