Monday, May 14, 2012

Daily Reminder # 664

Another damp and chilly day here. I'm having fun with the Tapping for $50,000 video. I think something in me is actually shifting. Time will tell, of course. Hopefully time will tell with a big check from Publisher's Clearinghouse or some other source. A long-lost relative. A modern day John Berisford Tipton the Third... well may the 4th or 8th or something.  Anyway, I'm enjoying the experiment. Only takes 8 minutes to do, so it's easy.  Think I'll share a Neale Donald Walsch message from today because I like it. It makes me think of what they teach you about reiki. That the energy moves through you to get to the other person so when you do reiki for someone, you are also getting reiki. I always think as well that when you send hate or anger to someone, that moves through you too. Whatever we put out to others we give to ourselves as well.  So that's my thought for the day....  The chipmunk didn't show up but the woodchuck passed through. He or she seems to have developed a fondness for my flowering quince bush. Not sure how I feel about that. It DOES offer good photo ops, so it isn't all bad.

On this day of your life, dear friend, 
I believe God wants you to know...

...that happiness and joy comes to you when it moves
through you. There is no other pathway--and that's
the miracle.

You will have a number of opportunities in the days
just ahead to be a vehicle of happiness and joy for
another. Step right into that. Be the source of that.

As you bring others to a smile, so, too, will you
bring yourself. The method is foolproof.
Love, Your Friend....

Think I'm going to do another gratitude paragraph tonight. I like the long list, but I'm too lazy and it's kind of fun to put context around my gratitude too. I'm increasingly excited about the clothes dryer my friends are bringing. I'm hoping that it will fit in the kitchen, but while I was sitting at the back door, it occurred to me that I think there's a gas hook-up where the water heater is, so they could hook it out there and it would still be better than not having one. I could do washes and Margaret could go out to the dryer instead of to the laundromat. I could have clean sheets more often and other good things. If I remember correctly, it's a very posh dryer. An LG super ecologically friendly one that the guys bought quite recently. (I'm thinking a year ago but it was probably longer. Time zooms by at such astronomical speeds these days.) Anyway, The red list has granted me my long desired Bose speakers, and a bunch of other things I can't remember at the moment. This dryer is one of the things I've thought of as relatively impossible, so that makes it very cool indeed. I'm getting a newer TV from them too. I'm a little concerned that it may be too big for my small space. It's 36 or 42 inches or something like that. Projection something. All the distinctions are lost on me. I still remember when a TV was just a TV and you didn't have to pick a phone company. But I digress.

I really do have a lot to be grateful for. My nieces and my  nephew, my little house, my warm robe today to hold the dampness at bay. My current TV and computer which were gifts from the same friends giving me the dryer and the new TV.  I'm grateful for reiki and the ability to be of help to people or animals who are hurting, to experience things that are impossible but happen anyway. I'm grateful for the beauty around me, for my kitties and their hugs and even that they sometimes really piss me off. Makes life more interesting. I'm grateful for my grabber, for my chair that's also a walker and helps me get around and sit if my legs start to give out. I'm grateful for coffee and the abundance of really good water that New York State has to offer. Best tasting water in the country. I'm grateful for my new toothbrush, for the internet, for my Tibetan salt lamps. They are SO pretty. I love my rocks and they are like wonderful glowing rocks that glow with a kind of natural love. I know that sounds goofy, but it's how I feel about them. Two of them are on full-time. They are supposed to clean the air and they just make me happy. 

I'm grateful that I can look out my windows and doors and see birds and squirrels and woodchucks and flowering quinces, that my neighbors wave to me when they go past and stop by the window sometimes on a warm day.  I'm grateful for therapy and that Dr. Jim is such a wise kind man. I'm grateful that I can read and write and the I live in a century when there are movies and television and DVDs and digital cameras and a host of other wonders.  I'm grateful for Sam-e that helps hold depression off without being a drug. I'm grateful for my SSD that means I didn't die in the street or become a burden on my sister's kids. I'm grateful for all the wonderful people who have passed through my life. So many things.  I really could go on and on, but I imagne I'm getting boring at this point. I'm grateful I can just quit listing things I'm grateful for when I feel like it. I'm always grateful for laughter and for love and for life itself. 


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