Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 204 Take 2

And the story of the Paragon of Virtue goes on and on and on. We are up to installment 44!. Still creeping slowly (hopefully!)  towards a finish. Every week I think maybe it will be today and every week the words drag me on in their own path.

DID IT! POSTING ON TIME ON FRIDAY! Well, unless you count that I'm a week late.....  I've got to start coming up with easier words...

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge were:  split, verdict, light and shadow, wrestle, soft breeze, challenge, argument, teen-agers, stripes, eggs   And for the mini: combine, slice of cake, "pray, do tell," silence, layers

My mega: 

"Lady Purist's verdict on your Green Eggs and Ham idea, Paragon, is a resounding yes. She says that just the idea of it lifts her spirits and gives her hope for the future." Armadillo reported. "Do you think you can pull it off, Purchase?" the Paragon asked, turning to the painter. Well, it will be no slice of cake as I think  your people say, Paragon" the painter replied, but if we all combine our efforts and skills, I think I am up to the challenge."  Paraphrase, who had held her silence for some time, spoke up and asked, "Along with giving us a secret entrance, you could change the light and shadow. I will have to be done in slow, subtle steps, in barely perceptible layers so that the guardians will not notice the deepening of the light. "No argument there, Paraphrase," the Wizard chimed in. "A very wise suggestion. I'm thinking that while the painter completes this task, the rest of us should split into groups and take some time in the fresh air to eat, rest a bit and - at least in my case, wrestle with the inner teen-ager who is spoiling for a fight to show his stripes and release this building adrenaline-fed blood lust. The battle we are about to engage in calls for subtlety, not and caution, not reckless energy. Agravard chimed in. "I am struggling with much the same challenge. I could use a soft breeze and maybe a short flight to dispel some of this unfocused energy that has been building. I can't tell you how strong the impulse is to simply charge in and put and end to this."  "Pray, do tell..." Gregor, who seldom spoke, whispered quietly. "Perhaps we have missed a spell? Not one among us is prone by nature to rash action."

The mini: 

The wizard broke the stunned silence which the dragon's words had produced. "Pray, do tell, indeed! I believe you may be onto something, Gregor. It is lucky that we have wrapped ourselves in so many protective spells, but the fact that we are still being impacted says that the magic impacting us is powerful indeed. Paragon, I am going to add some additional layers of protection around you and the painter and ask you to stay and protect him, while the rest of us - who have been in here for quite some time - remove ourselves and see if - with our combined talents and wisdom, we can either counter this spell or use it against our foes." The Paragon, bowed to the others. "I am humbled by your trust. I suggest that you check in my basket and each enjoy a slice of cake. It is one of Confetti's most remarkable creations to date. The painter and I both felt much more clear-headed and grounded after we tasted it. Don't you agree, Mr. Perfidy?" "Indeed," the painter replied. "Seemed to feed my spirit and my imagination both. If we survive this, I hope to meet Chef Confetti and paint his portrait. A great man. He is an artist among artists."

And my 10-word: 

"He is a wizard at his craft," Spark responded... "But come, my friends. We must exit this cave lickety-split, before our inner teen-agers win the argument between reason and folly. The challenge of wrestling with these impulses is becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily the call of fresh air and a slice of Confettie's cake is also strong. Emerging from the cave, they felt as though the soft breeze that caressed them was literally washing them clean of something dark and ugly. Armadillo spoke first. "Light and shadow. Old as I am, I did not realize until now how subtly the dark forces can seep into one's spirit and overcome the light. How could I not have felt it happening.?"  "Do not judge yourself," Paraphrase said gently to the giant dragon. "The wizard and I are both far older and more experienced, yet we too almost succumbed. But we didn't and that is what matters. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am eager to cast my verdict on whether this is Confetti's greatest cake yet. Spark, will you do the honors?"  "Gladly," the wizard replied, pulling from the Paragon's basket a massive cake decorated with purple and green stripes around the sides and on top circled images of 5 dragons (each looking remarkably like one of the assembled gathering) emerging from golden eggs. To the left of the circle was a portrait of the Paragon and on the right, a portrait of the wizard. Below them an image of Purpose Perfidy painting the scene and above the Bird of Paradise. "Exquisite," they all gasped with one voice. "Do you think we are meant to eat our own images?" Armadillo asked.  "It seems like a good idea," the wizard replied. "We can take the Paragon and the painter their slices when we return and I believe perhaps the Bird of Paradise is meant for Lady Purist, but let's stop talking and partake of this magnificent gift." And so they did. Silently savoring each bite of the astonishing cake, each felt new life rushing into them, along with a renewal of spirit and a profound sense of clarity and inspiration. "That was a sacred experience." Gregor said, breaking the silence. "I am renewed." 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  sunshine, property, the two of you, ahead, power, sugar coated, roll, birds in flight, jubilation, insight

And for the mini: cookies, short, green green grass of home, failed, positive

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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Another enjoyable installment. After your mega I went "Oho!" about the possible spell :)