Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily Reminder # 666

Was a beautiful open windows day today.  The back door was pretty quiet. The more genteel of my chipmunks stopped by, but I thought I'd keep us from doing all chipmunks all the time and share kitties. The beauty above was trying to figure out a way to get on the roof to the birds nesting up there. I can see that she (feels girly to me) is very smart and unfortunately quite determined. She is also totally dismissive of me as someone to be feared. So it goes.

I spent some time listening to one of the Healing with the Masters conversations. I HIGHLY recommend it. The woman being interviewed is a person named Carol Look.  She's an expert in EFT (aka Tapping), but the thing I was most fascinated by was a new process she is working with called Healing Light or something like that. About 40 minutes into the conversation she does a session for those listening. As a rule, I'm much better at sending healing than accepting it, but boy, did I feel what this woman was doing. It was pretty astonishing. I hope you'll check it out.  Well worth an hour of your time.  It was very cool. I went though the healing section twice (and plan to do it again) and each time, it felt like this soft, cool clearing of the energy in my legs in particular. Fascinating. 

Think I will do paragraph gratitude again this evening.  So... . I"m grateful that I got the litter box changed and that the garbage is out and I'm still in one piece. Grateful that the garbage man is kind enough to take extra steps and come up to the house so I can just toss it out my front door. It's the difference between being able to manage on my own and not being able to do so. Odd, how such a small thing can make such a big difference. I'm grateful for my little house and all the miracles and lucky accidents (and awful stuff) that led me to finding it.  I'm grateful for You Tube and the Tapping for $50,000 lady. I'm having fun with that. And so grateful for the cool experience with Carol Look's light healing. I'm grateful for kitties - mine especially - that they are so sweet and good to me and each other. I'm grateful for their hugs and their purrs and their gentleness. I'm grateful for Netflix and the movie I will watch once I post this. I'm grateful for my computer and all that it offers - email, music (Pandora Radio), computer games, Google, SKYPE... the list goes on and on. I'm grateful for the incredible sound that comes out of the Bose speakers my niece gave me and that I have ears to hear, eyes to see, a tongue to taste with, a nose to smell all the amazing good odors there are, fingers to and skin and a heart to feel with. I'm grateful for mysteries like reiki and tapping and light healing... things that can't be explained but have become so real to me. I'm grateful for Dennis Puffett and all the wonderful healers who I have encountered in my life. I'm grateful for my friends, past, present and future. I'm grateful for my neighbors, for all the kind people who don't really know me but who have been kind to me anyway. I'm grateful for my nieces and my nephew and for the families they have created for themselves. I'm grateful that they are happy and healthy and successful and that I'm connected with their lives despite being an agoraphobic recluse. I'm grateful to be an agoraphobic in a time when there are phones and TVs and computers that mean I'm not so alone.  I'm grateful for cheese and peanut butter and granola bars, for clean, clear drinking water and for electricity and all the amazing things that are part of modern living. Today I'm grateful for the ceiling fan. I'm grateful for the orange glow of my Tibetan salt lamps and for all the beautiful rocks I have collected over the years. I'm grateful for how beautiful color is and how there are so many hues and shades and tones. I'm grateful for the view from my front window and from my back door, for the woodchuck and the cute little chipmunks and the birds (even if they won't visit the porch right now).  I'm a touch less grateful for stray cats, but they are none-the-less wonderful and fun to photograph. I'm so grateful for my camera and that cameras are now digital and you can take a million pictures and not have to worry about paying to have them developed and that you can zoom in on things. 

I'm grateful that I can read and write and that there are so many wonderful books to read, that there is poetry. I'm grateful that there's You Tube where you can LISTEN to poetry too. I'm grateful for TV and for channels like PBS and Comedy Central and the SciFi Channel. I'm grateful for the sound of wind chimes in the breeze as I type this. I'm grateful for paper towels, for  indoor plumbing and low flush toilets. I'm grateful for my electric toothbrush and for my microwave and for my refrigerator. I'm excited about and grateful for the anticipated arrival of a newer TV and for a clothes dryer. I'm grateful that some of the things on the red list are manifesting and hope even more do. I really hope I can somehow create the space and some way to have a party for my 65th birthday with the people I love around me. A pot luck, maybe. And all the other stuff. I'm grateful for my wonderful mattress and that it's going to be cool enough tonight that I'll be comfortable with blankets over me. I'm grateful for my chair/walker and that my legs still get me around with it's help and the help of my cane. I'm grateful that I'm stubborn and resilient even though I'm often stubborn in ways that are very self-destructive. I'm grateful that I have so much to be grateful for. Above all, I'm grateful for love - and the people I love.  I'm grateful for laughter which I think connects us to something holy. I'm sure God laughs.  And I'm grateful for my body (yeah, I have serious shame and other issues with it, but I'm still grateful for it) and for breath and a beating heart and for life itself.  

"There must be SOME way to get up there and get those
little birds. I'm sure I can figure something out.... maybe
if I... no, that won't work... hmmm..." 

I Wish You Light and Laughter!

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