Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poem of the Week


I hope you will all take a minute to remember that this is Autism Awareness Month. The following blogs and posts offer an opportunity to put a human face and heart on something which for most of us is just something we have heard about but don't really understand.

These are the Days
Forks Off the Moment - We are All Unique
Mother of Shrek
Full Soul Ahead
Down River Drivel
Look Me In The Eye


Linda Murphy said...

Your poems get me a little misty-eyed here-this one along with its picture is majestic and melancholy at the same time.

You are making beautiful use of your blog.

Unknown said...

Ditto from me. It is a beautiful poem, so tranquil but of generous spirit. What a gorgeous post to greet me on my first visit :-)

Raven said...

snoopmurph - thank you so much. I'm really thrilled that I took that picture myself. Just caught him (her?) in the corner of a picture. Glad you liked the One Single Impression post from Sunday. Thanks for the honorable mention in your post.

mountaingirl... welcome to my nest and thank you for your beatifully kind and generous words.

Casdok said...

Beautiful poem.

WH said...

"To radiate the stillness of a star's distant motion" ... if there's a better line anywhere, I don't know what it could be. This poem is a winner. Thanks for sharing!

Akelamalu said...

Oh what a lovely poem!

Suzie said...

Nice poem

Dianne said...

beautiful poem Raven and I love the way you presented it.

you're getting so fancy :)

Raven said...

casdok - thank you

billy - you give the best compliments

akelemalu - thank you kindly

suzie - thanks for dropping by

dianne - thank you... I took that picture... I just caught him right at the edge of the picture, almost flying out of it...