Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project Green: Take 7

My Sunday offerings for this the next to last day of Anna Carson's Project Green.

The first is a Tibetan Prayer flag that has hopefully been sending prayers for peace and healing for Mother Earth out into the Cosmos. The second is a bottle that once contained a simply glorious after shave/body lotion. My late sister brought it home from a trip to Bermuda. It has always been special to me.


maryt/theteach said...

These are beautiful in their simplicity, Raven!

MaR said...

Simple objects and yet so meaningful and beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

A fine combination post. I like the subtle greens in both. The bottle has special appeal with its irregular but attractive imperfections. Nice one.

Dianne said...

I love how you composed these shots! Simply beautiful has already been said but I'm not ashamed to be redundant. :)

lynn said...

Both are very nice entries! I really like the composition and color of the flag.

Thanks for visiting mine :)

World So Wide said...

The compositions render a feeling of stillness and calm - very nice.

Robert said...

More great green images from you. Simple and subtle. Thanks for sharing them. And no, you didn't bore me with all the cat info!

tt said...

I love the sentements of both! I think they both give you peace... but that bottle...Ooolala...I so love old bottles. That one, while I'm sure isn't old, has an old look about it which I adore. Bottles with favorrite!

Anonymous said...

The Tibetan Flag is beautiful . I do hope it is successful in its mission :)

The 'message' in the bottle is simple ... when you seek beauty it is simply not difficult to find !

Raven said...

the teach - thanks so much.. It's funny I was kind of unhappy about them until after they were posted. Now I kind of like them, especially the bottle with all its special memories. It's such a soft green.

mar - thank you

don - the picture is bigger than the actual bottle. I don't know why I love that little thing so much but I do.

dianne - you are never redundant

lynne - thanks for coming by and for your kind words

leonard b - what a nice thing to say. That makes me very happy.

robert - thanks. Glad I didn't bore you. Those cats where funny characters as was their human.

tt - glad you liked the bottle. It's not OLD old, but I'm 60 and I think I've had it for about 45 years, so it's a little old.

shubd07 - I hope the flag is successful too. I'll force myself not to start a rant about what's going on in this country and the world, but only with great effort.

Anonymous said...

I too like the simplicity of these shots. Very nice! I've enjoyed all of your PGs..