Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Green: Take 2

Well, I've been struggling about what to post today and I think I'm going with Anna Carson's Project Green. I feel so outclassed by the amazing photographers who participate in this, but it's earth day and I don't much feel like writing anything, so...

I have to say that I'm really not enjoying the changes in the posting system that have been instituted lately. It has taken me almost an hour - something like 13 tries - to get my first photo uploaded. Now I'm having the same problem with #2. Aggggh. I wanted to add a third photo... on the theory, I guess, that two or three mediocre photos add up to one good one, but it will be next Tuesday by the time I get another one to upload, so I'm just going to leave it at this and feel cranky and deprived.

"Happy Earth Day," she snarled.


WH said...

Doesn't it drive you crazy when the uploads go haywire! I love the green shoots coming through the earth! A fitting Earth Day pic.

Lara said...

such a great post! your page is great - and here I include the cats, too :)!

Jeanne Damoff said...

You're funny! :)

I love your second shot. What are those? Bulbs? Asparagus?

Carletta said...

Nice shots!
I wonder whatkitty sees!
Looks like Spring has finally sprung at your place.

Raven said...

billy - it DOES drive me crazy and it's not a long trip.

lara - thanks... my cats can never get enough compliments.

jeanne damoff - alas, I have no idea what those are. Somewhere I have pictures of what it looked like when I moved in. It turns into a little round green bush-like thing in summer and then what looks like a pile of straw in winter. As you can guess from this description, I'm not a gardener.

Raven said...

oops carletta - got so busy writing a long response to Jeanne d that I forgot you. Spring has sprung wonderfully. I'm not sure what that cat was after. I had another shot of him by the forsythia bush (where he was headed) but couldn't figure out what he was seeing there.

CG said...

Those green shoots are very hopeful!! Nice kitty...:)

Dianne said...

Ahhhh - green shooting out of its prison of straw! great photo Raven

and what a sweet tabby :)

Champ Townboy said...

Awesome post ... I love cats and green things that grow in the ground!

I had a hard time uploading pics today, but nothing like what you've described!

tt said...

hey, your Tabby looks just like mine! think we may be related??? ( say yes..say yes..:))
Love the bulbs coming through.....I'm sure they're screaming " lemme outta here"..or something close to that..** snicker**
another blogger gal I read said she was so pissed at blogger today cuz it was taking forever to upload pics...guess blogger is having problems being green today??
ha ha

Anna said...

I like that second shot as well! :)

The Apron Queen said...

Enjoyed your Project Green. Come check out my green sand pails. I’m still trying to get the sand outta my shorts! :D


Raven said...

jeanne damoff - just realized that if you go down to my One Single Impression post from Sunday and look at the picture next to the haiku for the color green - you'll see what those shoots will turn into. They are kind of phoenix-like the rise from the corpse of their own dried up last season.

cg - thanks for coming by.

dianne - does seem like that, doesn't it?

champ townboy - well, I'm sorry you had a hard time, but glad I wasn't alone.

tt - the tabby is actually a stray who one of the neighbors feeds. I don't think he's really feral. He seems fairly social. He reminds me of a kitty I used to know in Callicoon where I lived before.

anna - thanks... it is kind of cool to see the shoots come up. They are actually the plant itself kind of rising from it's own remains.

the apron queen - thanks. I will drop by. I enjoyed your Grand Canyon photos in last weeks WW (I think that's when I saw them).

Texas Travelers said...

Things just don't get much better than green emerging.

Great choice for Green and Spring

Troy and Martha
Texas Travelers

Diana said...

this green sprouting plants are very uplifting to me for some reason. I have set that photo as my desktop image.

Raven said...

Hi Troy and Martha - thanks. Green - especially living green - is pretty unbeatable.

Diana - I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pic of the new shoots pushing their way out !!

Thanks for your visit :)