Saturday, April 26, 2008

Project Green, Take 6: Green Rocks!

Here's my Saturday contribution to Anna Carson's Project Green. I love rocks, so I thought I'd try to take pictures of some of my green rocks. Not as easy as I hoped it would be. These don't do their subjects justice. But I had fun, except for screaming at the cats who saw no reason to stop walking back and forth on their little ledge, just because I wanted to put rocks on it and take pictures.

There are some incredible photographers (real photographers) participating in Project Green. I hope you'll check them out. Have a great weekend!


Linda Murphy said...

I have some green rocks that Ian painted. I'll have to post them-actually I probably should take a picture of them first!

I love your photos!

Raven said...

hi snoopmurph - thanks. I look forward to seeing Ian's rock paintings. I painted Rocks when I went off on a weekend in AZ. It's a precious memory for me. I have one of them hanging on my wall where it looks sort of stupid but makes me happy.

tt said...

A girl after my own heart! I too love rocks. Seriously. Only i prefer mine to be a wee bit bigger. I'm always saying: Ooooo, look at that rock"...whenever we're out and about. On vacations I can usually get Lovee to stop and hoist one into the car for me. Yea..I like 'em big! All colors and sizes and shapes.
You're are so the green ball on the gold lame'...beautiful!

Raven said...

hi tt - there really is something wonderful about rocks. I can't get enough of them myself, though I haven't added to my collection in quite a while. Had to chuckle about the gold "lame'" ... It's actually a gold candy wrapper to hide that the ball was sitting on a roll of hideous black masking tape. I used to have stands for my crystal balls, but Angel views them as cool toys, so they have to be kept in somewhat more secure locations these days.

Unknown said...

Add me to the list of rock lovers! The ones you've photographed are really pretty, with their blended shades and marbled textures.
BTW, the pic of you and your friend could have come from my scrapbook! We babyboomers have so much in common, don't we?!

Karen Coutu said...

Nice collection! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

World So Wide said...

My favorite is the one of the green ball in its bed of gold.

Unknown said...

Hi, Raven

I'm Gina aka The Pagan Sphinx. I came over after seeing the Wordzzle Challenge on Dianne's blog. Nice to be here!

Your green photos are great! I love the bear. I have a tiny one just like that made from a pink stone. It's about an inch long.

Okay. On to the Wordzzle Challenge!

Raven said...

sher- there does seem to be a baby boomer "mystique," doesn't there?

karen of sillymonkeez - thanks for stopping by.

leonard blumfield - thanks. That's my favorite too. I always put my favorite last.

Hi Gina - welcome... so glad that you are going to join in the wordzzle challenge. It's tons of fun.

Dianne said...

Not only are the different shades of green wonderful but I can feel the different textures.

and I'm so glad Pagan Sphinx Gina is joining Wordzzle, she's really creative.

The Wordzzle World Widens

Anonymous said...

The texture of the bear and ball drew me to them, but now I will watch for green rocks, I have never seen ones like in your first pictures.