Friday, April 25, 2008

Project Green: Take 5B
Relics from My Past

Two relics from my youth. The first a little picture frame and photo I have held onto long after the friendship died of neglect and betrayal. I'm the nerdy one on the left with the big smile. The second is a "nebish," (I think they had some other name too) popular in the 60s. When I went away to college my mother set one of these up next to my high school photo and labled them "before and after." She had her moments.

That's my personal offering from Project Green today, though I hope you'll look at the post below and enjoy the exquisite photos my beautiful niece took in Peru.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely picture frame .

And that green shock of hair is so cute on that 'nebish'

Stacey Olson said...

Cute Gnome.. my husband has one of these on the antenna of his truck.. Great gree post thanks for sharing

Dianne said...

am I looking at the wrong photo? I don't see a nerd, just 2 really pretty young women.

I had those dolls, they were called "nebish" or would it be "nebii" - I had them in every possible color and in that size and then tiny ones that I would put on my pens and pencils.

what a fun and personal project green.

moo said...

wow, love that old photo and the frame it's in is gorgeous!

The troll just ... scares me a little. I never understood the fascination.

Raven said...

shubd07 - thanks... it is pretty. It's actually smaller than that photo of it. Don't know why I don't take the picture out and put something else into it.

hi stacey houston - thanks for stopping by. Hope the troll improves your reception.

dianne - you are too kind as always.

hi moo - sorry the troll scared you.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely frame with 2 pretty ladies in it :)

Gosh! My mind's block I can't recall the name of that toy! Troy or something? *smacks.forehead*

Have a good weekend!

Melli said...

Oh my gosh! I've done Trolls I - that was myself! And Trolls II - my oldest daughter... and finally Trolls III - my youngest daughter! I'm just waiting for grandbaby to discover them... LOL!

Indrani said...

I liked the Troll NOBODY'S PERFECT.
Great idea for Green Theme. Happy weekend.

maryt/theteach said...

Beautiful frame, Raven! Funny little doll, I forget what they're called... My Wordzzle will be up soon. :D

Raven said...

napaboaniya - thanks. I'm a lot older now... the friend is no longer a friend.

melli - there's just something cute about them to me. I used to have a few of them. This is the last survivor.

indrani - I like the little sign myself. It's one of my mottoes.

the teach - I do think they had a name besides trolls or nebishes, but the information has apparently gone to one of the mushier spaces in my head.