Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Saturday Afternoon Politics

Ran across these items and thought they were worth sharing. I SOOOOO want Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney impeached. Better late than never. Better in jail than in office.

This first one discusses a way to force the impeachment issue by by-passing the House of Representatives. Very interesting.

This is a great speech from Boston Legal.

And a little Dennis Kucinich because any day with Dennis K. in it is a good day. I wish he were more right about the American people.

I also recommend checking out a brilliant woman named Raine Eisler. You can listen to some of her radio clips here. She talks Social Economics and changing the way we view economical issues. She has a lot to say. Here's her website too.

I hope this country wakes up before there's no democracy left to save.


Unknown said...

I remember Dennis Kucinich in Ohio back when he was so young looking he was called "Boy Mayor" with compassion!

Raven said...

Hi michael - I just love Dennis K. I think he is a remarkable man. Makes me very cranky that the media virtually silenced him during the primaries. He had/has so much to offer.