Monday, April 28, 2008

Project Green, Last Take: This and That

Ok... I was going to put a bunch of other things... but I am having one of those days when I can't decide on anything and everything I decide on seems wrong. It's 3 pm and I haven't accomplished anything, so I'm going to settle on these last two pictures for my final Project Green post. Thanks to Anna Carson for this fun idea. I hope you'll check out the many wonderful green pictures that have been posted from all around the world this past week. Now to tackle the even harder task of Monday's Alphabet backwards task. Agggh.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about one of those days!! the bottom photo is a beauty, love all the different textures. Hope today is a good one :0)

Carletta said...

Love these - I favor the stone and the tree though.
I also loved the green bottle in the previous one.

Dorothy said...

I like them both but I love the top one. Its so graceful and airy!

Thanks for visiting me at the cottage again!

Anonymous said...

So your "Project Green" is "Topped and Tailed " !!!

A lovely pic of those leaves with the light filtering through .
The Foot of the tree is very nice too .Especially since it actually seems like a vitrified foot of a man !!(ankle under the trouser fold!)

Anonymous said...

The last picture of the tree and the green grass at the bottom is very natural :)

Last take? Has Anna ended the project already? :( I hope she comes out with a new color project, it's getting real fun.

Raven said...

annette - thanks... it really has been one of those days. Headache, it's cold out and in (this is Spring?) and I seem to be functioning in slow motion. So it goes, I guess. Thanks for visiting.

carletta - thanks... I'm having so much fun with my little camera. I like the way that bottle came out too, though I didn't when I first took it.

thanks dorothy - I've been doing a "project" which may never materialize - photographing those branches starting in March to "catch Spring in the act" if I could. I have so many photos I don't know what to do with them now.

shubd07 - what a cool thought. I hadn't noticed the foot, but you are right!

napaboaniya - I'm kind of sad to see it end too. I think she said she was going to start another one - color unknown - in late May. She posted that yesterday or the day before. Afternoon light on that tree is always nice.

MaR said...

It's lovely to see so much green around! I like the second picture very much. It's been a fun project!

tt said...

I, for some reason, Love the 'flare' at the base of trees...AND I'm just a nut for rocks and stones! So that last picture was a real beauty for me.
Thanks for sharing.