Friday, March 09, 2012

Daily Reminder # 619

Feeling very lazy and achy tonight so I'm going to skip gratitude and post some videos. I wanted to share the link last night - maybe I did - for the Alan Lomax archive. Stephen Colbert had a group of musicians on last night talking about it and singing some of the music that Lomax recorded and saved for posterity which they have now archived online. I grew up wrapped in folk music. I sat at the piano every day and played songs from a number of books or played by ear things I had heard on records or song elsewhere. I think folk music is some of the most special and powerful music there is. One of the musicians on Colbert last night said something along the lines of folk music is great music but it isn't music you get rich singing. Some did OK with it. Peter, Paul and Mary, the Weavers, and others.  Anyway, here is some of the music Lomax saved for posterity and some other things I found along the way....  As often happens, my short-cuts turn into long-cuts. I could have done gratitude in a third of the time. But this was fun.

May Music Fill You Ears and Lift Your Heart

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