Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 194

This is the 34th installment of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday.  Not sure if I'll post mine this evening or if I'll wait until tomorrow, (probably tomorrow, since I think I need a nap) but thought I'd put Mr. Linky and the words up awhile on the off chance that someone besides me may want to participate.

6:09 PM Sat:  Finally finished. I really have to stop being so noble and making up words as though I wasn't glued to the current story. School bus was particularly troublesome this week. Anyway... later than usual even, but done.

Words for this week's challenge were: proper, egg shells, missed, graphic, participate, boost, snack, understand, normal, bear  And for the mini: Pandora, practical, glory, school bus, tornado

My mega: 

Barely had the words left the old Wizard's mouth when with a soft whoosh, three exquisite dragons appeared among them. "Ah, Pandora, Glory, Proper - and is that young Snack? - you have certainly grown since I last saw you?" The wizard greeted each of them in turn, "So glad you could join us. No time to waste. We are facing the Amber Enchantment melded to an emerald cave. We believe that Amanda Purist is held prisoner within. Her life and our own lives rest in the balance, but with your help, I believe we can succeed. I hope you all understand that under normal circumstances, I would not ask so many dragons to participate nor bear the burden of such a dangerous mission, but for all practical purposes at this moment, you are our only hope. Please, if you don't mind, I need 5 scales from each of you. Paragon, pick me 8 of those yellow flowers and bring a large flagon of water. Mr. Perfidy, prepare your paints so you can restore your work to its original state once the Amber Enchantment has been disarmed. He worked quickly as he spoke pulling a mortar and pestle and a variety of ingredients out of thin air, mashing until he came to the right texture then asking each of the dragons in turn to breath just a small flame of fire into his potion until it began to glow. "Something is wrong," he muttered. "What have I missed? What have I missed... Ah! Of course!  Egg shells! Then, last but not least, my friends I need a beaker of dragon tears. Paragon, please collect them in this crystal cup and bring them to me as quickly as you can. Only in such an extreme emergency, my scaled friends, would I ask you for such a sacrifice." "It is our honor to give this gift for the Kingdom, for you, for the Paragon and for Lady Purist. She was a great friend to dragon kind. That she may yet life gives our hope a boost, that we may be of assistance in her return gives us joy and honor both." the dragons spoke almost in unison. When the potion was completed, the wizard handed it to the painter and instructed him to carefully apply it to anything that was not his of his original graphic creation. They all watched with bated breath as the painter applied the first few dabs of the wizard's potion and then watched in awe as the enchantment lifted in what looked for all the world to Fred Johnson like a miniature version of a school bus swirling inside the belly of a tornado

My mini: 

"So far so good," the wizard muttered as they all breathed a sign of relief. "We understand tornado, but what's a school bus?" Pandora and Glory asked in unison having inadvertently read the Paragon's mind in the nervous excitement of the moment. Fred took no offense at their invasion as it offered him a good distraction from his own anxiety. "It's a large vehicle for taking groups of young children to school. More practical than having parents drive them there one by one. School, by the way," he added sensing their increased confusion, "where I come from, is a place where children are gathered to learn."

My 10-word: 

Meanwhile, Purpose Perfidy proceeded on his graphic de-enchanting mission with the slow caution of one walking on egg shells. "You are doing a good and proper job of it, master painter and we are mightily grateful," the wizard called to him. "Without your participation, we can not succeed as only you know what is normal in this world which you created. Bear in mind that the enchantment we are counter-acting is very powerful, so not even the tiniest distortion or change can be missed. For that reason, Young Dragon Snack - who has exceptional talents in reading not just present thoughts, but seeing into memory - has requested permission to look into your memory in hopes of boosting the accuracy of our efforts and making sure that there are no other hidden traps which have escaped our notice." The painter nodded. "I would be both honored and relieved to have my dragon brother look into my memory. If I understand correctly how the process works, he will be able to share what he sees in my mind's eye with others, so we will can add many extra eyes to the search for anomalies." The wizard chuckled with delight. "Thank you Purpose. I had not thought of that last piece. The more eyes we have the better. Snack," he said, turning to the dragon, "do your thing."


Words for next week's 10-word challenge: Monday, chewy, branches, wave your arms, towels, farm, pink, ginger, mermaid, creative

And for the mini: figure out, sober, relevant, grouchy,  orchestrate

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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Sorry it took me so long to get here this time - crazy week at work! I love the name Snack for a dragon - it just makes him seem so cute to me :)