Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 196

We are up to installment 36th of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday. I never imagined it would continue on for such a long run.  I have enjoyed the process but am also kind of anxious to have it done now, I think.

Going to post mine tomorrow, but Mr. Linky and the new words are available in case I'm not the Lone Wordzzler again this week. I was hoping I could finish Fred Johnson's story off this week, but I don't think the words are going to allow it. Guess I'll find out when I write my exercises. Hmmm...

5:00 Saturday update:  I got nothing at the moment beyond a blank stare and an even blanker imagination. Spent most of the day searching for my birth certificate (unsuccessfully) which may be part of why my brain is done in for creative writing. Very frustrated about the birth certificate and the absence of even the germ of an idea for how to use these words. I will be back. Later tonight or maybe not until tomorrow. My apologies. Of course the fact that I'm the only person playing these days makes it easier to be the kind of "hostess" who posts late. Sigh. 

4:30 Sunday update:  Finished at last. Not happy, but this is the best I'm going to be able to come up with using these words. 

Words for this week's 10-word challengedriving, covet, polar bears, stuffy nose, confession, fingers, text, shower, canvas, aroma    And for the mini: birch tree, ravens, rocks, skin, zipper

My mega:

Back at the toy shop, while Melody Stripes and her husband quietly went about the business of sorting through their inventory and preparing to reopen their store, the newly anointed Brave Heart had continued to shower Bubbles and McFlash with a long litany of confessions, counting his sins off on his fingers with a relentless, obsessive guilt. "Count Brave Heart," Bubbles finally spoke up, "I do not wish to be rude, but you are driving me crazy. You have been forgiven - by the Bird of Paradise, by the Paragon, by me and all the others - yet rather than receive the gift of that forgiveness you are clinging to the text of who you were, like a child with a stuffy nose who refuses medicine and tissue and continues to cry about not being able to breathe. To covet punishment is to reject the gift you have been given and dishonors those of us who have put away our own pain. I beg you, please shed the skin of your former self and lay it to rest. You can not undo the past by painting on the same old canvas. As a mother to be, I will tell you that I can not believe your mother - should she return to find wound in a self-made shroud of guilt - will not have her heart break. Has she not suffered enough? If you can not put your guilt aside for yourself, put it aside out of love for her and the rest of us. It is your heart which honors us, not your shame."  Blushing, the Count replied to her with a tear in his eye. "Thank you for speaking Truth to me. You are right. I will - as the Paragon would say in one of those odd expressions of his, "put a zipper on it," and try to make better use of the gift that has been given to me." They were interrupted by McFlash who said suddenly, "Is it my imagination or is there an amazing aroma coming out of the Paragon's magic basket? Do you think we should look inside?" "I don't think the Paragon would object,"  Bubbles replied and opening the lid of the basket found three items. First was a note from Confetti, which said, "The Bird of Paradise has asked me to create the following delicacy - I call it Polar Bears' Dream - to help the Count release his past and to assist each of those present to open your hearts and minds to possible new visions for the future.. Also enclosed is a small volume called The Birch Tree, the Ravens and the Rock." It is a favorite childhood story and I thought it might perhaps help you to pass the time as you await the rescue of Lady Purist.

My mini: 

As the three happily tucked into Confetti's latest culinary masterpiece, Bubbles opened up the small book and began to read. "Once upon a time, in a kingdom known as Wishes Come True, there lived a flock of Ravens. The youngest of these Ravens had been given the name Zipper because of an intense curiosity which led him to zip from place to place and subject to subject, always asking questions and wondering about this and that and the other. Some of the more thin-skinned among the elders found some of his innocent questions offensive and the young Raven began to be sunned some in the community.  His parents, who were members of the Birch Tree Clan, were deeply troubled by this and eventually sought counsel about how to "cure" their son from the Wizard of the Rock...."  "Cure him?" McFlash interrupted. He sounds wonderful."  "Shhh..." Bubbles replied. "We must keep reading and find out what happens..."

My 10-word: 

"Don't forget to try your Polar Bear's Dream," the Count whispered to her, "It may be one of Confetti's most magnificent creations ever. I find I am feeling more hopeful already after just one or two spoonfuls. It is as though whatever force was driving me to covet punishment and confession has been showered with so much love and comfort that it's stuffy nose - to use your imagery - has been unplugged and it has not just breathed in aroma of hope and redemption but been transformed by it. I don't know quite how to explain it except to say that it is beyond wonderful. I feel am literally a new man, fingers to toes, head to foot, heart and soul. The canvas has been cleaned and the future awaits to be lived, the text of my life to be written"  Bubbles giggled. "Why Count, it has turned you into a poet. That alone tells me I must taste it."  "And then the rest of the story, please," McFlash chimed in. He was joined by Melody Stripes, who added. "I want to find out the Wizard advises. I hope he will be wise... We must add this book to our inventory darling,"  she added smiling at her husband.  For her part, Bubbles, tasted a few spoonfuls of Polar Bear's Dream and then picked up the book and continued reading to the a radiant and entranced audience.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  bar, signature, mandate, penalty, power, issue, choice, glowing, attention, sweeping   And for the mini: wake, now, smell, source, events

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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Fun as usual - I'm always excited to read these installments every week (even though I often don't get to them until Monday or Tuesday).