Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 195

This is the 35th installment of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday.  Once again, I may wait until tomorrow to post my exercises. Not sure yet. Still trying to decide how to handle steaming Tara's nose so she can breathe again. 

4:30 Saturday:  Finally done. I really have to start cheating with the words I pick. I just keep making it harder on myself. 

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were: Monday, chewy, branches, wave your arms, towels, farm, pink, ginger, mermaid, creative    And for the mini: figure out, sober, relevant, grouchy,  orchestrate

My mega: 

It took the dragon Snack a little while to figure out the artist's creative mind and to weave his way through the convoluted branches of the painter's memory. It was especially difficult to move past the grouchy, terrified days before he had been freed from the elder Psycho's curse and gotten sober again. As the young dragon transmitted his memories, those with the telepathic gift felt his devastating guilt and his terror. Then as though emerging from a swamp they arrived at the "time before" and were suddenly swathed in the joy and love with which he had innocently orchestrated the creation of the farms, fields, forests and caves of what he thought was intended to be a magical wonderland. There were fields of pink, lavender and blue flowers; there were rivers and several ponds. There was even an ocean coast with a beach house, meticulously decorated -even stocked with rich fluffy towels. The waves even sported ginger-haired mermaid. No detail and been forgotten.  The young Perfidy had even painted a boardwalk with a restaurant called Chewy Monday's. They had to resist the strong temptation to linger and bask in the lush generosity of the world the painter had created, but eventually made it to the relevant moments as he painted outside the emerald cave. They agreed to each patrol a specific area outside the cave to study the painter's memory and what they saw for any differences. "Wave your arms if you spot anything," the painter said, "and I'll come and correct it. Thank you all for your help. 

My mini:

After a few minutes of grouchy wrangling to figure out who should oversee what part of the cave entrance, they came to the sobering conclusion that in order to best orchestrate their plan, they should divide the small area into six sections trading off until each of them had reviewed each for discrepancies from the painter's memory because they they realized that the painter's penchant for detail made even the most minute difference relevant. It was tedious work indeed and each feared missing something. "All we can do is our best," the Paragon declared at last. "We have gotten this far, so I think our best is pretty good."  

And my 10-word:  

When they had completed the search as thoroughly as they possibly could - 30 times they had called the painter over to subtle traps using the "wave your arms" technique and they were exhausted an hopeful that their caution had allowed them to clear all traps.The trickiest aspect had been finding delicate shifts in the construction of tree branches. To distract himself and defuse some of his stress before the final step of entering the cave, the Paragon mused to the others, "After we have rescued Psy - Brave Heart's - mother, I would love to have a meal at Chewy Monday's - that Ginger Soup on the menu sounded quite good - and then maybe take some towels from the cabana and go for a swim with the mermaid. Then maybe harvest some flowers and fruit at the farm. I wish I had even half of your creative talent, Mr. Pefidy. You have created a wonder and once it is restored to the purpose you intended for it when you created it, I think it will become one of Sunday's greatest treasures." The weary painter's cheeks flushed to a rich flamingo pink with pride and gratitude at the Paragon's praise," and then felt a twinge of guilt. "I hope Lady Purist will forgive me my crimes.... I hope she has survived."  At his words, Paraphrase moved to his side and looking him in the eyes to make sure he understood the truth of her words, declared, "Painter Perfidy. Remember we have all just walked in your memory, the journey by which you created this world. The crime was not yours. This world was created with love. There is nothing to forgive. In fact, it is my guess that the love you painted into your work has protected Lady Purist. Love is the greatest power there is. I believe failing to account for the goodness of your heart and your capacity to love, may have been the elder Psycho's great mistake and has probably saved the lady's life. Time we found out, don't you think?" And turning to the others, she said, "Shall we proceed?" 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge: driving, covet, polar bears, stuffy nose, confession, fingers, text, shower, canvas, aroma

And for the mini: birch tree, ravens, rocks, skin, zipper

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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