Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 197/Daily Reminder 630

We are up to installment 37th of Paragon of Virtue, Fred Johnson's adventure in the Kingdom of Sunday, the story that keeps on going and going and going.

Will probably post mine tomorrow again, but Mr. Linky and the new words are available just in case anybody besides me joins in.

Six o'clock on Saturday:  Well, I have finally come up with something for today's chapter. Creeping towards the finish of Fred Johnson's story painful strained use of the words sentence by painful strained use of the words sentence. Whew.  I think today's Wordzzles are also going to be the Daily Reminder since I never wrote one. It's called cheating. 

Words for this week's 10-word challengebar, signature, mandate, penalty, power, issue, choice, glowing, attention, sweeping   And for the mini: wake, now, smell, source, events

My mega: 

Meanwhile, outside the now glowing entrance to the cave, the young dragon Snack again used his skill to look into the artist's mind, allowing them all to learn as much as possible about the cave they were about to enter. "Stay alert my friends, the old wizard said to all gathered. "Pay attention to detail. Once we enter, use all your senses. Be aware of smells, shadows, sounds. And don't rush into anything. The choices we make here carry potential life and death penalties, not just for us, but for Lady Purist. Malevolent booby traps were Quillard Quake's signature enchantments. Quake was a wizard with no conscience and sweeping powers. We cannot underestimate him." After the wizard had finished speaking, Fred approached him and quietly whispered,  "In the wake of recent events, it is a source of some concern to me that perhaps it would be wiser to mandate that only one or two - possibly three - of us to enter the cave now and that barring the arising of some new issue, the dragons and others guide us from outside."  In the end they agreed that the Wizard, the Paragon and Purpose Perfidy would enter the cave while the others remained on alert outside. The dragons were clearly disappointed by this decision but were eventually persuaded of that their service outside was of of more value than their presence inside and that because of their mind-reading gift they would be virtually present in any case by seeing through the eyes of the others.

My mini: 

"We must proceed with great caution." the wizard said to his companions. "I put nothing past Quake or the Count's father. There's no knowing what monster we might wake, what traps have been laid. I have wrapped each of us in protective spells and we will each wear one of these talismans which I have created to signal 
the presence of Quakes most preferred types of magical events and mechanisms. Be particularly alert for the smell of either lilacs or roses as both are favorite source components in his darkest spells, luring his victims with aromas associated with peace and beauty. He was a truly cruel man. Hopefully we are prepared for all contingencies now. I will be glad when this is behind us and hope never to face such an enemy again.

The 10-word: mandate 

As they had agreed, with a few sweeping strokes of his brush, the painter widened the cave's entrance so that all three could enter side by side. Almost immediately, Perfidy called their attention to a glowing bar of embedded into the wall off to their left. "I never painted that." he whispered. The old wizard nodded. "The power issuing from it is strong and carries Quake's signature. I believe he named this particular spell the Penalty Panel....An odd choice for a cave, though. Before I disarm it, I wonder what it is intended to distract us from... Paragon... do you see anything unusual? Anything that doesn't feel right?" "I'm not sure why," the Paragon responded, "but I have an odd feeling about that stone there." he replied. "Good eye, my boy, "the wizard replied."I would have missed it. Have to give Quake credit for genius. Who would have thought to marry a those two spells.. Mangrove Mandate and the Penalty Panel... and how to disarm them... Nobody move.... Paraphenalia, "he called mentally to the senior dragon outside, "any thoughts?" 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  refused, salad, crackers, fancy stuff, tail, struggle, pierce, ballad, apples, dirt  

And for the mini: I can't wait, uncomfortable, clouds, fears, ginger

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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