Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Daily Reminder # 698

Am stumped for something to say this evening. I think I had something that I wanted to talk about earlier, but it has gone the way of the Dodo. Luckily, the drought at the back door was broken this afternoon. Nobody very exotic showed up, but at least there was some variety in the guest list. Baby woodchuck even waddled up onto the porch but left as quickly as he came so I didn't get a photo.  Got lots and lots and lots of OTHER photos, though, so I think tonight will be pictures and gratitude.  Oh - and prayer requests. Please, if you would, hold my friend Ellie in our prayers and her father, who is very ill. And my friend Rosalie and her mother who is very ill and having trouble letting go of this life.  

Scarface was having a day of contemplation and
prayer in between feeding frenzies....

It may be that he was praying that the doves and other
birds would go away and leave him to eat everything
all by himself as usual. If that was it, his prayers
were not answered this time.

I wish this robin would have come closer.  He or
she was singing so beautifully. It was magical.

Have to remember to get someone to tell me what that silver thing is.
I keep thinking I should know but I can't figure it out.

So many photos, I think I'll do paragraph gratitude today. Grateful for lovely cool weather even though if I were to nitpick, I'd wish for it to be slightly LESS cool. The weather fairy doesn't seem able to strike a balance at all this year.  I want to remind myself here of something that I realized when I was having trouble sleeping (again) last night. I want to shift - or at least add the world "Thank you for" instead of just things I'm grateful for.  Things I'm grateful for is maybe more detached than is best. So anyway. THANK YOU  for Angel and Tara Grace and their hugs and their purrs and their antics.  Thank you for my home and my coffee maker and the coffee I have with my International Delight. Thank you for my nieces and my nephew and their families. Thank you that they are happy and healthy and successful. Thank you for my friends and my neighbors and for all the kindness that comes my way from so many people and venues. Thank you for the beauty that is all around me, for the view from my front window and for my back  yard and for birds and bunnies and chipmunks and woodchucks and flowers and blue skies and clouds and other good things. Thank you for the colors of the rainbow. Thank you for silly but fascinating tests for color blindness (I scored a 28). Thank you for electricity and my Tibetan salt lamps with their orange glow. Thank you for my rock collection, for music and sight and taste and touch and hearing and the ability to smell. Thank you for the scent of lavender or what sage. Thank you for paper towels, for my kitchen and my microwave, for my bathroom, for my electric toothbrush and toothpaste and Listerine and for indoor plumbing. Thank you for laughter and wit and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Thank you for words and poetry and the ability to read and write. Thank you for humor and laughter. Thank you for reiki and for all the wonderful healers who are available online. Thank you for all the other things I'm not going to list so that this doesn't get any longer than it already is. Thank you for hearing my heart wishes and granting them. Thank you for the fun of having heart wishes. Thank you for love and kindness and hope and possibilities. Thank you for resilience and determination and laughter and thank you for life and all it's joys, sorrows, wonders and delights.


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