Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 207

And the story of the Paragon of Virtue continues. Today is installment 47. Will it ever end, I wonder. Starting to feel like it never will... but it is moving very slowly towards something.... Hoping at least I can get everyone out of the cave they are in at present.  

I'm posting very late because I had a long phone conversation with a friend at the time I usually post and then forgot all about today being Friday and wordzzle day until just now at 9:30 pm.  So that's this week's excuse for not doing my exercises until tomorrow. 

5:20 Saturday: Finally got this done. The story is inching forward. but at least it inched or staggered or... 

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge:  sliver, silver, diver, diverse, house, grouse, grab, flab, slab, butterflies   And for the mini: glass, splash, half, spot, just say no

My mega:   

In the end, it was decided that because of his enormous size, Armadillo would only enter the cave after the battle was engaged. This would allow for an additional element of surprise should the rescue process not go well. For his part, the Fred Johnson could not quell what felt like an army of butterflies that seemed to be thumping and splashing around in his stomach. He felt - he imagined - much like a diver who had risen from the depths too fast and was experiencing the bends. Finally, he spoke up. "I don't mean to grouse or worry anyone, but I am on the edge - or maybe past the edge - of panic. Not only does my glass not feel half full, it feels almost empty. I feel quite the terrified coward at the moment and not a bit of a Paragon of Virtue. If anybody has a suggestion for how to get my mental house in order, I would be very grateful indeed."  Agrivold stepped next to the Paragon, grabbed his shoulder and replied, "Dear friend, only a fool would enter into such a battle, which such an enemy and feel no fear.  Ways of coping are as diverse as the stars in the heavens, I imagine. For myself, I imagine myself wrapped in the silver glow of my daughter's love. You would think it would make me more anxious to think of her, but instead it steadies my resolve." "I just say no as my fears announce themselves,"  Agrivold announced. "And if that doesn't work, there's a spot of flab under my chin that if pinched with enough force takes my mind off my nerves." "For my part," Paraphrase, chimed in, "I compose a poem.  "Off to fight this foolish foe, into battle I must go. If I live and do not die, I'll celebrate with a slab of pie, And after that delightful treat, perhaps I'll have some more to eat. Or maybe rise into the sky, and fly as only dragon's fly, So high above the mighty river that all I see is just a sliver And then I'll know for sure and true, what those who've fought and conquered do, That nothing's better under the sun, than to have the fighting done."  "Brilliant, Paraphrase," the wizard chuckled. "I recite a calming incantation over and over. I will share it with you if you would like.... or here," he said waving his arm in a wide loop. "I have etched into the hilt of your sword." "Thank you, Spark. Thank you all. I feel much calmer and grateful to be among such companions. How can we fail with such hearts as yours?" 

My mini: 

While the others discussed going into battle, Purpose Perfidy reviewed his efforts in the cave, adding a splash of paint in one spot or another, deepening a shadow here, adding a touch of light there and all the while feeling as though his glass was half full for the first time in many years and wishing too that had know how to just say no those many years ago when he had been forced against his will to set the stage on which this battle was about to take place. Still, he thought to himself with a sigh, even if it has been too many years for it to happen, perhaps it is better that it was someone like me, who wants to undo what was done and rather than someone whose intentions were evil. I suppose I should accept that the past is past and now is all that matters. And so thinking, he turned his attention to the book into which Lady Purist would escape, wondering if he could add anything to increase her comfort and sense of security. 

The 10-word:  sliver

As the group took their first steps through entrance slab that the painter had created and into the silvery shadows of the cave, the Paragon experimented with a number of the diverse suggestions that had been suggested for coping with the herd of butterflies in his stomach. Resting his hand on his sword handle, he could feel the magic of the wizard's calming spell seep into his body. And as it did so, he began to experiment with writing his own "battle" poem. "Into the secret cave we sneak,  victory is what we seek. We breach the entrance to their house, hoping to flush them out like grouse,  I feel like a diver in deep water, as I anticipate a slaughter, I wish my body had less flab available for the foe to grab. But hopefully surprise will stun and the battle will be quickly won, Lady Purist safe and free and all her troubles history... " A soft tap on his arm, brought him back to the moment. Gazing intently through a small sliver-like window, he stared with fear and hope as the wizard chanted quietly, "Sage burn, mirror glow, let see who is our foe." 
It had begun.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  everything, who we are, tapestry, discussion, strands, light in the window, requirements, combination, need, aspect

And for the mini: guidance, raise, two more things, calico cat, before

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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