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Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 206

And the story of the Paragon of Virtue is STILL going! Today is installment 46 -six weeks short of a YEAR!. One of these day's I'll actually finish it and I think I'll be relieved and sad both. Still struggling with Blogger's new coding which making my life more difficult. Such is life, I guess. 

Well, I was going to try and post my exercises on time, but the sun came out, so I think I will go to the back door instead and either post them this evening or tomorrow. Sorry. Temptation is too great... the call of the chipmunk.

2:00 PM Saturday:  The muse continues her vacation out of town and is still locked in her room. I really miss her. Hopefully I will get something written by the end of the day but at the moment my brain and my fingers are mute.

3:00 PM Sunday:  Aggggh... wrote something. These words were HARD.... I have to stop doing that to myself. Really.  Sorry to be so late posting.

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Words for this week's 10-word challenge:  sage, canister, negative, gold, interesting, best, close, jumping up and down, paws, glaze   And for the mini: crass, spoken, wishing on a star, answer, couple

My mega:

As the dragons and the wizard re-entered the cave they found the artist Purpose Perfidy quietly jumping up and down with delight and satisfaction. "I believe I have done it," he whispered. painting a map of the hiding shadows which he had created. I've also finished the book for Lady Purist's escape and need only a couple of brush strokes to move her safely into it. It was quite an interesting challenge to darken the shadows unobserved. It may not be showy, but I believe it may be some of my best work ever. I have a couple of your hiding places as close as possible to the unseen ones and marked the entrances and exits with very subtle gold paw prints. Not sure why I chose paw prints - but I seemed directed - perhaps by the Bird of Paradise - to use that motif. I have also hidden a mirror on the wall opposite Lady Purist with a negative glaze or what I call "crass glass.  It can be activated with the spoken word "answer" or with the smoke of white sage, should you prefer that option. I have painted a small canister of sage just below the mirror. It occurred to me that the sage might provide a distraction to the enemy even as it reveals their faces. For the Lady, she can safely enter and exit the Green Eggs and Ham volume by wishing on a star that I have painted onto each page and the cover. I hope this is satisfactory. Nothing can atone for my part in the need for this rescue, but I have done my best and will do anything else you request if you think it will help." All of this information was presented in one long stream of breath and when the painter finally fell silent and looked at the faces around him, he was greeted with smiles of approval. "You have indeed outdone yourself, painter Perfidy," the wizard exclaimed, grasping the painter by the shoulders and giving him a big hug. "It was amazing to watch you work," the Paragon added. "You have the makings of a military strategist should you ever give up painting." As for the dragons, they conveyed their praise through their psychic link, letting the painter feel their pride that his life had been given into the charge of the Dragon clan. Doing so, they felt the glimmer of hope in his heart that helping to undo the evil he had been forced to do might lift at long last the agony of grief and shame which he had carried over the years since the Lady disappeared.

The mini:  

"Your crass glass mirror is pure genius," the wizard said, slapping the painter soundly on the back. It offers a couple of advantages: It will distract from Lady Purist's escape - does her wishing on a star have to be spoken or can it be silent? We must let her know.  As for the rest, I believe the sage smoke is the best answer for how to use your mirror. Cloaked in invisibility, we can come at them from behind and perhaps if luck is on our side - we can defeat them without a major battle. In any case, it should offer some temporary confusion and allow the Lady to retreat to the safety you have created for her." Turning to the others, he continued, "My friends, I believe it is time."

My 10-word:  

"I have never understood those who are eagerly jumping up and down waiting to go into battle," the Paragon remarked. "I feel nothing but dread. Violence - even in the best of circumstances, in the cause of justice and good - always seems like a negative to me," he sighed. "Interestingly, my friend, I'm sure that is one of the reasons you were chosen to be the Paragon," Paraphrase told him, smiling. "You have the sage heart of a peace-maker."  "You are always too kind to me, Paraphrase," the Paragon replied with a wry grin, "and it always makes me feel better.  That reminds me - for no real reason - of a couple of questions. Painter Perfidy... do the gold paws need to be activated in some way to open and close the shadow portals or are they just markers? And how does the canister to create the glaze work? Is there a trick to it or can we activate it by our own choice of magic? I'm sorry if this is already explained or clear to others. I admit to being very anxious. I have never gone into battle before, even with a known enemy."


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  sliver, silver, diver, diverse, house, grouse, grab, flab, slab, butterflies

And for the mini: glass, splash, half, spot, just say no

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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