Friday, June 01, 2012


And the story of the Paragon of Virtue goes on and on and on. We are up to installment 45!. Still creeping slowly (hopefully!)  towards a finish. Every week I think maybe it will be today and every week the words drag me on in their own path. Blogger has apparently reworked their programming so it's much harder to cut and paste from previous posts. Grrrr. Life will go on, I guess, but I wish they  hadn't done that.



SUNDAY 2:00 AM:  I had to finish these without a bit of help from the muse. It was very difficult and they are not very satisfying to me. But they are done.  I still haven't done the Daily Reminder. Agggh. But this is done at last.

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge were:   sunshine, property, the two of you, ahead, power, sugar coated, roll, birds in flight, jubilation, insight   And for the mini: cookies, short, green green grass of home, failed, positive

My mega: 

Out in the sunshine and fresh air, the wizard and the dragons watched a pair of birds in flight and let the healing power of the fresh air and Confetti's cake fill them with renewed energy. After watching the birds for a few moments, Armadillo and Gregor took to the skies themselves and reveled in the jubilation of flight, rolling and diving and soaring in circles, forgetting for those few moments the weight of responsibility and the danger that lay ahead. Agrivold, meanwhile,  asked permission to rummage a bit in the magic basket in hopes that he might find cookies - sugar-coated or short bread or chocolate chip - he did not care as long as they were cookies. "Ravenously hungry," he declared, "even after that amazing cake. I tend to eat a lot when I'm nervous and I have to admit that I still dread the task ahead. I'm positive we will prevail, but I none-the-less long for the green green grass of home and the sound of my daughter's voice.  Have the two of you had any insight about the anger spell that fills the cave and whether we can turn it's properties against those who oppose us?

The mini:  

Paraphrase smiled at Agrivold and replied, "You are not alone in longing for the green green grass of home - or in my case the crystalline comfort of my cave. Did you find any cookies? Like you, I find a good cookie very calming in troubled times, though I find the texture of a fine brownie even better. I don't suppose Confetti has read my thoughts and left some there?" For his part, the wizard replied, "So far I have failed to crack the accursed spell, but I am positive that I'm close and should do so shortly. I am thinking wondering if I can come up with something that Purpose Perfidy can paint into the walls... a calming or sleeping spell, perhaps. I'm thinking it would be better to minimize their anger rather than feed it and see if we can't put them to sleep on the job.

The 10-word:  

When the two flying dragons finally landed, the wizard, munching on one of the sugar coated cookies Agrivold had brought forth from Paragon's basket, smiled in their direction. The two of you looked like wonderful birds in flight rolling and diving up there in the blue sky and sunshine. I have always been a bit envious of the power of flight. Just watching gives me a sense of the jubilation you must feel   "It is a grand gift indeed," Armadillo responded. "Quite liberating to body and spirit. I do some of my best thinking in flight... which reminds me... I think I may have come up with an insight about the properties of that anger spell you are trying to counter. You know, flight draws heavily on the lungs and as I flew and felt my lungs flooding with fresh, clean air, I got a sense that I was releasing more of the spell toxins, which would mean that we were somehow breathing it in."  "Armadillo," the wizard gasped, "You are a genius. For generations ahead, your fame and glory will be a reflection of the size of your heart and brain and not just your body.... perhaps the easiest counter spell will be the simplest.... magical shielding and magic-enhanced (perhaps with a counter spell) air filter masks for one and all. I believe I'm ready with my own spell for the air in Lady Purist's prison.  The Paragon informs me that the painter has almost completed the firs phase of his work, so let us gather our equipment together and complete this task. Win or lose, it is time to bring an end to this adventure."


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  sage, canister, negative, gold, interesting, best, close, jumping up and down, paws, glaze

And for the mini: crass, spoken, wishing on a star, answer, couple

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Argent said...

Oooh, looks like we're closing in on the finale! The calming power of cookies is something I heartily endorse.

The Bug said...

I agree about cookies - I'd love to be eating one right now (instead of my salad - ha!).