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Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 208

And the story of the Paragon of Virtue continues. Today is installment 48. Will it ever end, I wonder. Starting to feel like it never will... but it is moving very slowly towards something.... Hoping at least I can get everyone out of the cave they are in at present.   

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that I'm going to post the words and Mr. Linky awhile but will not do my own exercises until tomorrow. I'm REALLY tired. We had big rain and it cooled off a little but it's still humid and it doesn't feel 15 degrees cooler. It still feels awful. I'm going to turn the computer off (almost unheard of during the day) and let it cool off a bit and take a nap instead of writing wordzzles. Tomorrow is another day as Scarlett O'Hara said.

5:45 Saturday:  Well, it's all over but the shouting. I was tempted to let it story of the Paragon of Virtue rest with today's episodes, but it seemed like there would be a bunch of loose ends that weren't quite tied up if I did that. I hope it's not a mistake. I am torn even as I type this, but in a couple of seconds when I post it, I guess there will be no turning back. No fool like an old fool.

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge:  everything, who we are, tapestry, discussion, strands, light in the window, requirements, combination, need, aspect    And for the mini: guidance, raise, two more things, calico cat, before

My mega:   

For a moment or two everything was strangely still. Then a voice - a voice so redolent with evil and venom that it raised the hair on the back of he Paragon's neck and filled his heart with a combination of terror and rage - broke the silence.  "So, now you know who we are. Yet we shall defeat you anyway."  The aspect of the being who spoke those words was perhaps more hideous than the voice that emanated from it. The face was surrounded by wild strands of thinning hair that looked like dead snakes. The skin was pale and blotchy with patches of dark and light so that his coloring was almost like that of a calico cat.  And the eyes - the eyes were the worst. They glowed with a malevolent madness that was as tragic as it was evil. "Quillard Quake," Wizard Spark whispered. "What poetic justice that Psycho locked you in the hell you devised for you his innocent wife. The reward for your guidance was to be entombed with your victim. Before you do anything else, perhaps you should gaze in the mirror and consider whether the cause of a long dead monster is one worth fighting for. Look around and you will see that in any case, the Lady Purist has been rescued already and the dragons have spelled your companions back to where they belong."  At these words, the mad old wizard spun around to discover that this was not just words. Cloaked in invisibility, the Paragon had quietly removed the book into which Lady Purist had been painted and removed it to the outer cave, where the painter had set her free at last. Armadillo and the painter had returned her to the toy shop and the waiting arms of her son. "She is safe at last," Paraphrase chimed in. "You are alone and the tapestry of your life is unraveled. Mighty as you once were, you can not defeat us."  "Too much discussion," the acid voice of the insane old wizard spit out, lifting his arm in an attempt to hurl a spell. "Perhaps some light in the window of your soul will help." Spark, declared, blasting a gaping hole in the wall and the ceiling so that the sealed cave was suddenly bathed in light, effectively blinding the old man who had lived so many years sealed in darkness. He dropped his wand, screaming with pain and anger, to cover his eyes. "Two more things,"  the dragon and wizard spoke in unison, "Although you have already paid a price, the crimes you have committed are beyond forgiveness and therefore, the Joint Council of Wizards and Dragons, in accordance with the requirements of magical law, you are stripped of all memory and power and condemned to live out your remaining mortal days in this cave. Your need for food and water will be met - and unlike what you created for Lady Purist, we will leave the opening in the ceiling so that you can know the passing of the days and nights, but that is all. It is a cruel fate, but we feel, a just one."  As Quake opened his mouth to protest, the cave was filled with the voices of the Wizard Council, speaking each in turn. "So be it." Then each of the assembled party added their own "So Be It." and vanished leaving the cave and it's evil prisoner sealed until such time as life took leave of him.

My mini: 

Deeply weary but profoundly happy, the warriors emerged from the mural to see before them the happy sight of Lady Purist in happy conversation with her son, McFlash, Bubbles, and the painter.  The excited and doting owners of the toy shop were pouring tea with such attentive delight that they virtually glowed with happiness. Even Parchment, Bubble's calico cat,  who was generally somewhat aloof, lay curled up in the Lady's lap. Only Armadillo, the giant dragon had remained on guard and alert for trouble. Seeing the others emerge from the wall, he raised his wings in salute and let a giant tear escape his eye. "You are safe. Is it over?" "Almost," the old wizard responded. "Two more things and hopefully it will be truly done. Lady Purist," he said, turning towards the group at the table and bowing slightly, "welcome home. It has been too long."  The lady smiled.  "An eternity and a moment both. There are no words to thank you all for saving me from that dreadful cave. Or for - as he has explained to me - saving my son from the poison his father put into his heart. You are heroes all. Yes, even you, Painter Perfidy. I knew even as you worked to create my prison that you were innocent of guilt. And I was not unaware, that once you realized their plan, that you did what you could to paint small, unnoticed comforts into the scenes. And now you have helped save me. Talk about escaping into literature," she added, laughing so merrily that they were soon all joining her. Paraphrase spoke next. "My lady, I have always admired you, but never more than witnessing your the strength and courage to have come through this ordeal not only sound of mind, but able to laugh." "Which reminds, me" the wizard chimed in. Our last - or perhaps next to last - task. Purpose Pefidy, under the guidance of the Joint Council of Wizards and Dragons, I request that you erase the masterpiece you created, including the cave in which - by virtue of a time spell - Quillard Quake has endured another 100 years in the prison he created for Lady Purist. Let it be as though it never was."  

And the 10-word:  

As the sun outside the shop was setting, the painter started slowly and carefully unpainting each aspect of the world he had created so many years ago.  McFlash and Bubbles, for their part, mixed up a combination of herbs and other ingredients to help strengthen and prepare Lady Purist for her return to the real world. Although she was amazingly strong and well, her time in the cave and not left her completely unscathed and it seemed wise to tend to her there at the shop, giving her time to adapt to her freedom and allowing time also for their herbs and incantations to work. The others, for their part, entered into a lengthy discussion of everything that had transpired during the Lady's absence, creating as full and accurate a picture of events as words allowed. This was particularly painful for Brave Heart, who still felt deep shame and grief over his years and actions as Count Psycho. Seeing this, his mother gently put her arm around him. "My son," she said, quietly. "Who we are in our hearts is what counts most in the story of a life. Until the Paragon and these other brave souls helped awaken you, your father's poison had locked you in a cave as dark and cruel as the one in which they imprisoned me. The Bird of Paradise does not give names lightly and there are many new strands still to be sown into the tapestry of the legacy you will leave behind in this life. You have taken responsibility for the harm you have done and now you need to try and put that past behind you. The only requirement anyone can ask of you, is that you live and act from the brave and loving heart that has been restored to you. You can not change the past, but you can live every day from now on with the love and generosity that is your true self. And I am here now, to help you do that. I love you so, my son. Seeing you again, is what kept my hope alive and my heart beating."  As she spoke these words, the first rays of the morning sun cast their light in the window of the shop. The symbolism, not lost on her, Paraphrase spoke. "A new day dawns," she said. And as if to confirm that thought, the painter joined them. "My task is finished." Turning to Melody and Wallace Stripes, he said, "I hope you don't mind that I have created a more toy-store appropriate mural on the wall. I can paint it over, though, if you would like." "Don't you dare!" the couple cried as one voice. "It's wonderful." The others, turned to see the wall now radiant with a joyful scene of toys and laughing children."  "It's perfectly magical!" Bubbles exclaimed and then added with a gasp...."I think my child is eager to come out and play. It seems that my water has broken." 


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  difference, flamboyant, over-heated, stone wall, radiate, spider web, chord, sign, error, pop

And for the mini: tired, shadows, baggage, fabric, roll

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.

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