Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Belated Daily Reminder #692

I forgot to do the daily reminder last night.  Was a touch under the weather - literally - it is HOT and muggy here - and I remembered and then I got distracted and forgot.  I think I will offer a gratitude paragraph this morning and let that be it.

At the moment I'm typing this I'm extremely grateful for ceiling fans and the two other fans that are keeping me from melting. That and the nice wet cloth on the back of my neck. Amazing what a difference that makes in how you feel. And a nice cup of coffee doesn't hurt either. The up side of the heat is that Angel doesn't want to torment me for play, so I'm grateful for that. And of course for water. It's so easy to take it for granted that we have such abundant and truly good water here.  I'm grateful for my computer and my camera and my TV, though if I had any sense, I would turn the TV off  (listening to politics on CNN which isn't such a good idea given how cranky I am already).  I'm grateful for a little extra money that came my way. Especially nice to get it on a water bill month. I'm grateful for my senses and my body and the shower I"m going to take later this afternoon. I'm grateful for freedom and the right to vote, that I can still get around on my own with the help of my chair/walker and my cane. I'm grateful for the beauty around me, for electricity that runs my toothbrush and my fans and lights my Tibetan salt lamps to they comforting warm orange glow. I'm grateful for the mute button on my channel changer. (I thought they had passed a law saying that everything is to be broadcast at the same pitch. Hasn't happened yet. There are ads I can hear even with the half mute button pushed. Very annoying... but this is supposed to be gratitude, not complaints, so....)  I'm grateful for the hope of things to come, for the fun of imagining winning Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. I'm grateful for imagination and words and ideas, for reiki, for refrigeration and enough to eat and my little house and my friends and neighbors and my sister's children and happiness. I'm grateful that I'm alive and edging towards my 65th birthday (don't know why that is so important). I am grateful for love and laughter and life.


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