Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 209

And the story of the Paragon of Virtue is winding down. Today's installment - # 49 - may be the final one or... In any case, there won't be too many more.  Much as I have whined about doing this story for 49 weeks now, it feels odd to have it coming to a close.  Guess I just like to complain.

Once again, I'll post my  exercises in the morning. Going to set this up to post and go take a much needed nap this afternoon. 

5:50 Saturday.  Ok. Finally posting this week's exercises. The story of the Paragon of Virtue is not quite ready to lay itself to rest, I guess. But soon. 

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Words for this week's 10 word challenge:  difference, flamboyant, over-heated, stone wall, radiate, spider web, chord, sign, error, pop   And for the mini: tired, shadows, baggage, fabric, roll

My mega: 

"It's a sign," the painter exclaimed with flamboyant and somewhat overheated drama. "A new life for a new time. The shadows and evils of the past are rolling away and...."  "Painter Perfidy," Bubbles interrupted. "While I appreciate your poetic words, this baby is not going to just pop out of me without some help, nor is it going to wait for a more convenient time to... owwwwww.... enter this world. All of you, please radiate as much joy as you wish for my happy miracle at some other time. For the moment I need HELP. NOW!"  Her words - or perhaps her tone - clearly struck a chord with the tired heroes. Their weariness seemed to drop from them as each moved with purpose to perform one task or another in preparation for the new life that was about to arrive.  With a flick of his want, Wizard Spark, converted what had recently been a table into a bed. The Paragon, happy to practice his skills for a joyful purpose, magicked up several rolls of soft and beautiful fabric with which to cushion Bubbles on the bed and for wrapping the baby when he or she was born. "It is said to be made of thousands of spider webs, so soft that when you rest on it you can feel no pain. I read about it some time ago. It is highly recommended for pregnant mothers. I hope it will make you more comfortable." he stuttered, feeling suddenly a bit embarrassed.  "Be not embarrassed, Paragon. You have made no error with this choice," Lady Purist came to his rescue, "When I gave birth to my son, I was blessed to rest on just such material. The bed that had felt like a bed of nails seconds earlier became like a cloud." Turning to Bubbles, she clasped her hand and said with a smile, "not that it was painless, but the difference was palpable and much appreciated. "You are going to be fine, my dear." I can see that you are strong in body, mind and spirit. Looking at your beautiful face, I believe I see a reflection of your mother in your eyes. You lived in the house with beautiful stone wall and the giant oak tree. Just at the edge of the forest, did you not? Your mother was one of the kindest souls in the realm and often let me drop the heavy baggage of my sorrow and loneliness on her strong shoulders. "I remember your visits," Bubbles answered with a smile. We all loved you and were honored to ease what suffering it was in our power to do. We - my people - are dragon whisperers. Although we failed you Lady, it was not for lack of love and effort."

The mini:

"Failed me?" Laughter rolled out of Amanda Purist like music. "Child, that is false baggage that you must put away forever. Though they could not see clearly the whole fabric that was being woven - my husband was a magician of great skill - your parents saw the shadows of what was to come and did all in their power to prepare and protect me. Their kind hearts and love lifted my spirits when I was most tired and afraid. And there are skills they taught and protections they wrought, that protected me from the worst, helped me to stay sane and to know with every fiber of my being that hope was not a foolish fancy, that help would come in time and that the time of darkness would be followed by great light. And here we are. But enough of the past. We have a new life to welcome. I would consider it an honor to help midwife the birth of your child."

The 10-word:

Bubbles smile was all the answer that was needed. "Lady, Purist, now - even as you did then - you radiate love and kindness that is like a healing balm. I used to climb up onto our stone wall and eagerly watch for some sign that you might come for a visit.  I didn't always understand the sometimes overheated conversations Mom and Pop had about your safety and about how to protect you. You seemed so strong and sure and magical to me that I thought they must be in error. Why, my child's heart, wondered, would anyone try to harm such goodness and beauty? And even if they wanted to, how - I foolishly thought - could they do so? Alas, time has taught me lessons I wish I had not learned. But now it also teaches me that my child's heart was right. You were strongest in the end and they could not truly harm you.  Oh, my! This child has a will to enter this life. Where is healer McFlash? I believe my time is very soon." "I'm here, my dear." McFlash responded. "The moment is indeed close." "Where is the Paragon," Bubbles asked suddenly. "Right here," an anxious voice replied instantly. "Is there something more that you need?"  Bubbles giggled and then groaned slightly as another contraction shook her body. "I wanted to thank you for the spider web fabric and let you know that it has indeed made a difference. The pain is much more bearable. Also, I wish to ask you and all the others gathered here if you would do something for me. It is a family tradition to have our children sung into the world. I will let the dragons decide whether this child should be welcomed with a flamboyant song or a lullaby or something in between, but I would be grateful if you all at least struck a chord or two as this baby starts her life." Fred Johnson felt a rush of inspiration. "If I might teach you an old earth song - forgive me dragons, I know the choice is yours - I would love to do so. It is a hymn called "Amazing Grace," and somehow I believe it is your daughter's song, Bubbles. "Ah, Paragon, you never cease to amaze! Grace is the name her father and I chose for her when she was first conceived. That sounds like the perfect song indeed."


Words for next week's 10-word challenge:  the answer, vow, plot, pillar, fans, effective, walk the line, craft, oversight, civil 

And for the mini: speech, local, crowd, rock fall, back-scratcher

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


The Bug said...

Amazing Grace indeed!

Argent said...

I love the idea that children are sung into the world - what a lovely way to start life! This has been a terrific story.