Thursday, April 03, 2008

Poem of the Week

Years and years ago, when I visited the Frick Gallery in New York City and saw this painting, I changed my mind about reincarnation. Until then, I was pretty skeptical about the idea. But when I saw this painting, I KNEW - I absolutely KNEW that I had known this person. My connection to the painting was so intense that it stunned me. It wasn't a feeling. It was a certainty. In those days in particular, I was not a person who was certain about anything much, so this was a pretty life-altering experience.

At some point not too long after seeing the painting, I wrote today's poem. Then a few year's after that, I had the opportunity to have a session (another life-changing experience) with a not yet famous psychic named Pat Rodegast who channeled a spirit named Emmanuel. I highly recommend Emmanuel's Book. It is one of my all time favorite ever books. It radiates love and healing truths about life. It doesn't matter what you think about channeling or reincarnation... it doesn't matter whether it's channeled or made up... it's a beautiful book and the material reads like poetry. I wish everyone on earth would read it. How's that for a statement. Back when I read it, I kept giving it away to people and buying replacement copies. I love that book. Think I'll go pull it off the shelf if I haven't given it away again and look through it again. It has been a while.

But I digress (what else is new?)... I took a postcard copy of this painting with me to the session with Pat/Emmanuel and asked if her what she felt about it. She said this was me in another life. I don't know if that's true or not. I kind of liked the idea of having a great romance in some other life since there hasn't been one in this one. Still out of luck. But I love his face, so I'm guessing it must have been a pretty good life. Anyway, I guess that's probably more than enough of an introduction. Here's the poem.


I see your face

Staring across centuries of canvas

And I am drawn through time by your magnetism

I know I loved you once, or would have,

You look so much a part of me

With that quiet fanaticism

Maybe we were lovers in another incarnation

And it was so fine that neither of us has forgotten

In the five hundred years since you were you

And I, whoever I was then.

- Katherine E. Rabenau


Just a reminder to everyone that this is Autism Awareness Month. The following blogs and posts offer an opportunity to put a human face and heart on something which for most of us is just something we have heard about but don't really understand.

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moo said...

What a lovely post. I had the same sort of experience as you when I set foot in Ireland for the first time ... I just KNEW I was home, even though I'd never been there before.

My sister had the same experience when she visited Greece ...

I totally believe in reincarnation. Some of us are just old souls, still trying to get it right.

WH said...

"centuries of canvas" -- oh but that's good. It pulled me into this eloquent poem right away. One of your very best. And you've piqued my curiosity about that book. Excellent work. I'm envious -:)

tt said...

I knew you were an 'old soul'...Old souls have such a unique view on things.. My hubby of 34 years and i had a simular experience when we got off the plane in Santorini, Greece!! We completely felt at home and at peace and hated the idea of leaving and coming home...because we felt that we WERE home.
Lovely poem. And i might add that you were/are as beautiful inside as outside.

Raven said...

moo - I've felt like there are people in my life that I've known before. I've never had the "geography" reaction. My friend/upstairs neighbor in Callicoon, where I was renting before moving into my little house - felt that way not just about the town but about the house we were living in. It was over 100 years old and she was sure she had lived there before. Life is truly amazing. Glad you liked the post.

billy - well, my head is swelling... what a cool compliment from as good a poet as you. Made my day. The Emmanuel's Books are out of print - mine is missing again too... but I think are still available used. Book One is the best. There are three of them.

tt - as if my head wasn't swollen enough from Billy's comment. Thank you so much. Now I have to go look in the mirror and see if I can see it. How's this for ingratitude and vanity... I was wishing you had reversed inside and outside. Old soul?... I haven't learned much, have I?

Casdok said...

Lovely poem. And thank you for the autism reminder!

Dianne said...

as billy said - "centuries of canvas" is so beautiful. I can feel the painting.

My Nana told me that she had known me in another life. She said that when I came home as a newborn we locked eyes and she knew me as a Russian woman she had known when she was a Russian soldier.

The family always thought Nana was a bit "off" after my Grandfather died but I believed her then and I still do.

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem...

Geraldine said...

I have had similar feelings Raven about people I have seen in old photos and also one film star who is now deceased. I know there was/is still a connection there. When he died I cried for hours, I was so grief stricken (much to the astonishment of my ex-husband). No earthly explanation, just the certainty of there being a connection, far beyond the admiration of a great artist.

What a fascinating post and wonderful poem you have shared. Thank you. G

maryt/theteach said...

Raven, I appraciate your feelings about this painting and this person. Your poem is wonderful I love "quiet fanaticism." Come by my blog, I have an award for you. :D

~ej said...

there are people we are just drawn to....and the "centuries of canvas"...yes!

and the painting, reminds me a guy i know in london...

Raven said...

thanks casdok... and you're welcome.

robert - thank you

geraldine - thanks... how interesting about your experience with the movie actor... very much like my connection with the person in this painting... life is a wondrous mystery sometimes.

the teach - thanks for your kind words and for the award... I have been slow at everything today but I will get over there. An award. Cool.

elena jane - really is true that sometimes we just seem to "know" people... funny about the guy in London.

Linda Murphy said...

I love this poem. I believe that we have friends of the heart spanning many years and many lifetimes.

I agree, this is one of your best poems yet!

Anonymous said...

Feeling at home somewhere without having been there before in this life. The certainty of having known someone before when one meets that person for the first time. I knew I was home when I got exposed to Indian music.

Great piece.

Raven said...

snoopmurph - thank you... I agree about friends of the heart... it's so interesting that my opinion of my own work changes when other people read it. I've never thought this poem was that good - and now you and Billy and others have said it's one of my best. Hmmm... up the list it goes...

niebla - thank you. It is fascinating how some things resonate so deeply with us. For me I feel a deep connection with Native American art and spirituality.