Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daily Reminder # 237

Just gratitude this evening.  I won't say I'm cured of my Aveyond insanity, but I think the madness has peaked and I will work my way through the rest of the game with a little less deranged intensity.  It is MINUS 2 degrees out tonight. Too cold. But we didn't have much snow, so I feel grateful for that at least.

Some things I'm grateful for today: (items in red are pre-gratitude... an effort to encourage the Universe to help me manifest my hopes and dreams)

  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • less snow than expected
  • my little house
  • heat and HEAP
  • my fuzzy robe and my heavy cape
  • blankets
  • my lovely mattress
  • sleep
  • winning the HGTV Vermont Dream House
  • my Bose sound system
  • a clothes dryer
  • zero balance on my credit cards
  • freshly painted living and bedrooms
  • a million dollars a year for life from Publisher's Clearinghouse
  • paid off mortgage
  • snow on the tree branches
  • reiki
  • angels
  • my new camera
  • my TV
  • Deepak Chopra
  • hearing
  • the ability to read and write
  • my computer
  • onions
  • grapefruit juice
  • my friends
  • Aveyond
  • my Tibetan salt lamps
  • water
  • music
  • sam-e
  • Chocolate Soy Silk
  • beauty
  • indoor plumbing
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • toothpaste
  • electric toothbrush
  • mail
  • laughter
  • hope
  • life

Have a Lovely Day!


Argent said...

Breed! Looks cold. We are having a bit cold but no snow I'm glad to say. Games do draw us in sometimes, I know, but there's no harm if other stuff is not being neglected too much.

Will try and do my Wordzzle soon - the words are not talking to me this week.

Carletta said...

I love the second shot of the snow covered tree branches!
It was -3 here night before last. I do think Spring should hurry.
I love snow and the full moon we've had reflecting it but I think I'm ready for something else.
Keep warm my friend!