Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daily Reminder # 363

Lazy. Just gratitude tonight.  The Spring that took forever to arrive has quickly moved to summer. It has been 80 the past couple of days with thunder storms and rain. An hour from here they had really violent storms and a tornado and 15,000 people lost power, so I'm not going to complain. The yard has been quiet. I guess critters are smart enough to rest in the heat. The goldfinches came back and Gwen Chipmunk proved that there's more than one way to be incredibly greedy. Other than that it was a dull day. I still owe wordzzles a mega and don't feel like doing it. I think the friend for whom I write these posts is about to make a big shift so if you want to send prayers her way, it would be much appreciated.

I wish you could have seen Gwen's cheeks - they were
so full that she actually looked deformed.  Alas,
she refused to face me so I could get a good shot
of her face full on.  Hopefully these shots give an idea.

Cheeks empty, ready to start again....
Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • my house
  • fans
  • ceiling fans
  • Sam-e
  • Vitamin D-3
  • Omega-3
  • IP-6
  • water
  • ear phones
  • Pandora radio
  • music
  • hearing
  • sight
  • touch
  • taste
  • smell
  • chipmunks
  • the microwave
  • electricity
  • peach/mango yogurt smoothies
  • coffee and Int'l Delight
  • my camera
  • digital cameras
  • my computer
  • the internet
  • gold finches
  • the bird feeders
  • mail
  • Netflix
  • a clothes dryer
  • zero balance on my credit card
  • more flowers in my back yard
  • winning lottery numbers
  • a truckload of money (big bills)
  • $5,000/week for life from PCH
  • paid off mortgage
  • freshly painted living and bedroom walls
  • Nintendo
  • a Bose sound system
  • a sun room on the back of the house
  • books
  • reiki
  • angels
  • miracles
  • hope
  • healing
  • resilience
  • my red chair
  • my cane
  • that my legs still kind of work
  • my TV
  • the remote control
  • the flowering quince bush
  • paper towels
  • Tara being almost snuggly
  • paper
  • ballpoint pens
  • talcum powder
  • toothpaste
  • my electric tooth brush
  • teeth
  • Listerine
  • hands
  • feet
  • the telephone
  • friends
  • my nieces, my nephew and their families
  • that they are happy
  • email
  • my mattress
  • open windows
  • words
  • books
  • google
  • you-tube
  • lots of things I'm forgetting at the moment
  • beautiful things
  • plants and flowers and trees
  • birds and critters
  • some insects (not many)
  • art
  • my rock collection
  • the ability to read and write
  • the ability to type
  • Angel's face
  • Tara's face
  • the smell of white sage
  • ideas
  • imagination
  • curtains
  • my Tibetan salt lamps
  • photographs
  • memories
  • compassion
  • love
  • life

May Your Day Be Rich in Beauty, Love, 
and New Horizons


Cindy said...

The yellow bird is splendid! Love him.

ashirwaad-holiday-apts-goa said...

Lovely pics. Your points were touching too. They made me thank God for what He has given to me.
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