Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily Reminder # 317

Angel has been posing a lot and it wasn't a good day for photos of the outdoors today, so... more kitties tonight. Spring is showing up, though. the daffodils across the street are starting to show their heads. It wasn't open window warm today, but it was don't need three layers of clothing or the thermostat warm, so that's a good thing too. Politics are not so good. The budget talks make me very sad for what our society has become. The idea that people like Donald Trump or Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin to (name just three of the positively hideous list of contenders in the Regressive Party line-up) could even be considered as possible candidates is deeply disturbing. That we live in a society that values "fame" and gossip over substance is chilling. That half of our population is seems to be ardently willing to vote for people who will happily throw poor people out into the cold so that millionaires can pay a few hundred or thousand dollars less in taxes. Even more disturbing is that so many of those people don't know that they will be right out in the cold with the rest of us, that they are voting for people who view them as vermin. And many of these elected officials are perpetrating repugnant policies like redefining rape, denying homosexuals their social rights, sticking their noses into women's wombs - in the name of Christianity while stirring hatred of another faith for many of the very same things. It is baffling that our capacity for thought, our ignorance is so wide-spread. One of my favorite bits of Regressive-speak came from Arizona Senator John Kyl  who rose on the floor of the Senate and declared that 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions (although abortions are actually only 3%.). When called on this, his office replied that "it was not intended to be a factual statement." Translation. He was lying. But it's ok because he intended to lie and put that lie into the Congressional Record. So I'm in ranting mode and I apologize for that. I'm trying to keep praying for all of them, trying to hold them in love and all that stuff, but boy, some days it's harder than others. Jon Stewart helps. So does Stephen Colbert.

Guess that's enough venting. Sorry. 

Some things I'm grateful for today: (items in red are pre-gratitude, an attempt to bend the Universe's manifesting minions to my will.)

  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • my home
  • water
  • a warm shower
  • Dr. Bronner soaps
  • warmer weather
  • my camera
  • my TV
  • the remote control
  • music
  • Pandora radio
  • ear phones
  • Netflix
  • paper towels
  • Nintendo
  • a sun room on the back of the house
  • zero balance on my credit cards
  • a Bose sound system
  • a clothes dryer
  • $5,000/week for life from PCH
  • winning lottery numbers
  • paid off mortgage
  • freshly painted living and bedroom walls
  • my red chair
  • my cane
  • that my legs still get me from room to room
  • strawberry/banana yogurt smoothies
  • coffee and Int'l Delight
  • water
  • sam-e
  • ibuprofen
  • Vitamin D-3
  • Viralys
  • Netflix
  • reiki
  • angels
  • laughter
  • beauty
  • daffodils
  • my friends
  • my nieces, my nephew and their families
  • Dennis Puffett who is 87 today
  • music
  • beauty
  • inspiration
  • hope
  • resilience
  • life


1 comment:

Argent said...

Sadly, I think politics is much the same the world over. We're having a vote soon on whether we want to change the way we elect our politicians (hell, yes!). But when it's the same mob that get in, time after time, it's hard to choose between them anyway.

Your kitties are lovely. It's dull and cloudy here today, but we mustn't grumble as we have had some days of positively summery weather already this year.