Friday, April 01, 2011

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 149

Running late yet again.... will post Mr. Linky and my mini and add the rest later. Sorry I'm such a bad hostess these days.

Word for this week's 10-word challenge: happy endings, charitable, shapeless, magical, mushroom soup, spectator, enclosure, one hand tied behind my/your back, pregnant, pretending  And for the mini: origami, book review, spinster, vultures, cheese

My mini:  

Margaret Spinster - oh, how she hated that name - was quite peeved by the really snide and disagreeable book review of her Advanced Origami Made Easy just published in Arts and Crafts monthly. The review had been written by her arch rival Chessie Blinkenstart  (Maragaret called her Cheesy B) and spent several paragraphs comparing Margaret's cranes to vultures. What Cheesy hadn't known when she published that review was that Margaret was on the editorial board deciding on whether to publish her new book. Last laughs are sweet revenge, Margaret thought. Very sweet.

My 10-word: 

Being pregnant, Lucinda thought, had been bit like operating with one hand tied behind your back, but she had not minded the shapeless dresses, the back aches, the strange cravings because she knew it was all in service of the happy ending of a beautiful baby boy. My tales of how magical motherhood is had been greatly exaggerated, she thought. Actually to say they were exaggerated was being charitable. She had been lied to. Everyone had been pretending that having a baby was this wondrous experience of perpetual joy. No one mentioned all the poop and the lack of sleep, no time to eat - not even a quick cup of mushroom soup.  No one mentioned that motherhood was like an enclosure from which you watched the rest of the world go by like a spectator at a movie. It had all be an awful lie, she thought miserably. But then a few minutes later, looking down at her sleeping son, she conceded that it hadn't actually ALL been a lie.... just lot of it.

And the mega: 

Sam Spectator invented the recipe for Happy Endings Mushroom Soup while his wife was pregnant with their first child. The secret to his recipe was the addition of a combination of 7 cheeses and 7 spices. Eventually he made a small fortune on the gourmet market with his discovery as well as making his pregnant wife - whose pregnancy had impacted her appetite in strange ways - very content. Emma Spectator had had a difficult pregnancy and as a consequence has spent much of her time on bed rest.  After reading a book review about Margaret Spinster's Origami Made Easy book. The reviewer had claimed that Margaret's instructions created little paper vultures instead of cranes and this appealed greatly to Emma's sense of humor as well as her fondness for the turkey vultures which had flown the skies around her childhood home. At first her efforts were - to be charitable about it - shapeless blobs of crumpled paper, but by the time her daughter was born, she could make almost any creature with one hand tied behind her back... or more accurately with a baby in one arm and the other magically folding at amazing speed.  Some thought she was only pretending - that it was some kind of slight of had with the finished product hidden in some kind of enclosure or secret hiding place and then cleverly switched out.  Over the course of years she was able to meet her hero Margaret Spinster and the two became fast friends, eventually co-writing a best seller entitled Happy Endings Origami: How to Become a One-Armed Paper Folder, a book aimed at young mothers.  Her daughter Emily Origami Spectator, who had watched her mother fold paper from an early age was so curious that the two wrote a second book - Origami for Toddlers. Auntie Margaret so delighted in her adopted paper folding family that she even eventually ended her feud with Chessie Blinkenstart and allowed her book to be published. Chessi, after all - although not meaning to - and her dear friend Emily and had enriched Margaret's life in ways beyond measure.


Word for next week's 10-word challenge: harpoon, holiday, stolen kisses, razor blades, freezing rain, martial arts, charging, galloping horses, paper mache, tuna salad sandwich

And for the mini: clarinet, black eye, cropped, participants, wine

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


Argent said...

It's late and I've an early start tomorrow but I just had to post my effort and read yours.

Good idea to link stories one and three like that and I like the name Blinkenstart! There's always a lot of warmth in your stories - something I don't always manage I think. I really fancy some of that mushrrom soup right about now, too!

The Bug said...

I'm with Argent - I'd love some mushroom soup now! And I LOVE the linking of the first & third stories - that was great!

Sorry I missed out this week. I've been in a funk :(