Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Reminder # 328

It was a chilly day here in Hancock and rainy besides, but the back yard offered a mix of boredom, beauty and even high drama today. I still didn't get to photograph anybody on  my new bird feeder, though I did have one visitor. And a sparrow (pine siskin?) came over near the feeder without visiting it, which was still very nice. We had an Easter bunny (picture isn't very good, but I can tell the difference with the new camera's extra zoom). Most dramatically, there was a kind of  resurrection drama. Late in the afternoon, sitting at my computer, I heard a really loud thud from the kitchen. I was planning to head out there shortly to feed the girls so I took my camera and headed back there only to see an unconscious woodpecker lying on my porch. At first I feared he was dead but decided to do reiki. I have to admit that I'm so photo-addicted that I had to take pictures as I went along, though I did pass up a very cute chipmunk who was also hanging out... maybe to comfort the fallen bird. Anyway, as soon as I started reiki, the little guy stirred and I took another photo and then did some more reiki and another photo and so on. After about 10 minutes he got up enough strength to fly off to a big tree in the back of the yard. Isn't that a nice Easter story? Not that I'm that religious, but I like a good rebirth on any day, and on Easter it just seems well timed. So here are my photos and some other non-resurrection photos.

I'm really sorry this beautiful creature flew into the
door and surprised that it was so close to the house,
but what a rare opportunity to see this gorgeous
bird at such close range. Isn't it exquisite?
After the first few minutes of reiki, he stirred and
the little red patch on his head could be seen.
A little more reiki and he turned his head and then the
beautiful red throat became visible. I was so happy
that he seemed shaken but basically ok and both sad
and happy (I loved looking at him so close) when
he flew off to a big tree in the corner of the yard.
Blurry, I know. He stayed pretty still, resting for a bit and
then hopped around more like these guys normally do.
Earlier, though I wasn't able to get a photo of the little chickadee (think that's what it was) that hopped onto my feeder, this little sparrow hopped over to pose for me. My door is really dirty, which isn't helping the quality of my pictures (couldn't be lack of skill on my part... must be the door) isn't as good as I could wish for. Isn't he adorable, though?

And then, the first bunny of the year.... and just in time for Easter. Cool. Didn't linger. Busy day for bunnies, I guess...
I know it's blurry, but he didn't hang out long enough for me to do better.
Some things I'm grateful for today: (Items in red are pre-gratitude, an effort to inspire and encourage the Universe to give me presents.)

  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • birds
  • bunnies
  • my camera
  • heat
  • water
  • reiki
  • wood pecker revivals
  • chipmunks
  • my TV
  • the remote control
  • my computer
  • my camera
  • mail
  • friends
  • my nieces, my nephew and their families
  • electricity
  • my Tibetan salt lamps
  • music
  • poetry
  • words
  • literature
  • movies
  • imagination
  • faith in All That Is/Great Mystery/the Divine
  • Netflix
  • Nintendo
  • zero balance on my credit cards
  • a clothes dryer
  • a sun room on the back of the house
  • winning lottery numbers
  • $5,000/week for life from PCH
  • a truckload of money from anywhere/anyone
  • freshly painted living and bedroom walls
  • a paid off mortgage
  • more flowers in my back yard
  • coffee and International Delight
  • my new bird feeder
  • my neighbor's bird feeder
  • my flowering quince 
  • that the woodpecker recovered
  • Sam-e
  • eyes to see
  • ears to hear
  • a voice to sing and speak
  • YouTube
  • the internet
  • email
  • fingers/skin to touch feel
  • a heart to beat and a heart to love with
  • a tongue to taste with
  • a nose to smell with
  • teeth
  • toothpaste
  • my electric toothbrush
  • indoor plumbing
  • my bathroom
  • my kitchen
  • my house
  • my back yard
  • possibilities
  • love
  • life


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