Sunday, April 17, 2011

Daily Reminder # 321

I'm having a pity party this evening. My house is cold. My furnace seems to have bit the dust right after the nice Delaware Opportunities people have fixed it  I'm hoping this means that they will come and fix whatever is broken. And I'm lucky that even though it is damp and in the 30s, it isn't terribly cold out and my house is much more insulated. It could be worse.  But not having a working furnace still makes me anxious.

Today was also a day on which I accidentally erased the wordzzles I wrote and posted yesterday. That means I have to start all over and I'm cold and tired and feeling sorry for myself so I'm putting it off until tomorrow and that makes me feel guilty which makes me feel even worse. 

So anyway, I'm going to go with self pity. I'm taking a day off from my gratitude list. Not that I'm not grateful for lots of things but I just need to have a little hissy fit to make myself feel better.

I hope you have all had a better day than I did and that tomorrow we will all 



Argent said...

I think it's perfectly in order to have a pity party now and then. It's not human to bo souped up on happiness the whole time.

What a shame about your wordzzles! I'm struggling with mine - work is really knockin me about at the moment. I vow to continue on though.

Hope they fix your furnace soon.

Hobbes said...

Ingratitude is important too.