Monday, November 01, 2010

Daily Reminder # 154

Still in the grips of the blues and unreasonable anxiety, I didn't take pictures of the cute trick or treaters who came for candy this evening. They seemed exceptionally cute, too, so it's too bad. It was cold and damp and not as many kids came as in other years - or that's how it seemed. I spent the whole time worrying that I was going to run out of candy but instead had left overs. So it goes.

Anyway, no brain cells available for anything thoughtful so I'll just put a couple of not very good kitty pictures and my list tonight.

Angel looking angelic while plotting mayhem

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • not running out of candy
  • that Halloween is over
  • cheese
  • candy (well, I have mixed feelings, but...)
  • television
  • mail
  • clouds
  • friends
  • my computer
  • photos
  • my little house
  • reiki
  • angels
  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • my mattress
  • pineapple smoothies
  • water
  • my furnace
  • electricity
  • curiosity
  • cute children in cute costumes
  • laughter
  • sleep
  • sam-e
  • music
  • Life

Tara Grace

Have a Great Day!


Argent said...

Probably just as well you didn't take pics of the kids - in this day and ago people get weird ideas. Glad you had candy left over - so did I. We only had 2 calls. not that I'm complaining mind you. Your kitty pics are lovely and always cheer me up. Struggling a bit again this week with writing as I've just recovered from an illness and now himself is all sick and needy. So it goes.

quilly said...

Congrats on winning Punny Monday! You are getting very good at this!

I wanted to take pics of my Trick or Treater's, too, but I contented myself with Amoeba in his "passing out candy" costume.

Cat with a Garden said...

Hi Angel! I'm a dilute calico just like you and I LOVE plotting mayhem too. Must be a dilute calico thing. Nice basket!