Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 135

It's week 135 of the Weekly (formerly Saturday) Wordzzle Challenge. In two weeks it will be Thanksgiving here in the US, I think maybe it would be good to take a one week break and return again in December.But next week we will still be on for the few dedicated players who still take the challenge. But I ramble....  I kind of screwed up with last weeks words... I try not to put things that go together - like galloping stallion - but I was sick (cough, cough, whimper, whimper) and I didn't notice until it was too late.

Word for this week's challenge were: chilly, free for all, fit as a fiddle and ready for love, cows, phone book, casserole, witch, wedding, courage, passionate  and for the mini: martini, galloping, stallion, ocean, musical

My mini:

Megan Martini watched the mare and stallion galloping along the ocean beach with tears in her eyes. She had done it! Cupid and Psyche in equine form - a love story, a musical and nature film too. She knew it would be a hit. She just knew it.

My 10-word:

Dana Demeter (she had changed her name from Dorothy Dobson) sat quietly humming  "fit as a fiddle and ready for love" (Singing in the Rain was her favorite musical) and leafing through the phone book looking for a wedding planner who might be able to deal with the fact that she was a Wiccan. Her mother, she knew, would have a cow (perhaps several) on learning that her daughter wanted to have what she would call a "witchy" ceremony. To say that their relationship had grown chilly since she took up her new faith was perhaps to put too warm a descriptive on it. It had taken all Dana's courage to tell her parents the news. She had invited them to dinner and made a favorite family casserole which she had tried to lace with as much love and as many calming herbs as she could think of. It had tasted awful and had done nothing to mute her rather conservative mother's outrage. Clearly she needed to work on her spell casting and herbal studies. When they were leaving, her father - a twinkle in his eye - had kissed Dana on the cheek and whispered in her ear that her mother would get over it. Dana  hoped he was right and that her recovery would happen before she married Drake. Mercifully at least his side of the family was fine with their religion. Being Pagans themselves, they were delighted with their son's choice. Dana sighed, wondering how her mother would cope with all the new "crazy people" as she would call them being forced upon her by her "troubled" daughter. Mother hated having her world view expanded. How she had ended up with someone as open-minded and creative as Dad, had always been puzzling to her daughter, but they seemed to mesh in some strange way.  She hoped that she and Drake would have the same kind of passionate respect and affection that her parents shared. They managed - no matter how far apart their views on any issue - to honor one another's feelings and respect their differing views. If she could live with Dad, Dana finally decided, Mother would eventually come to terms with her new son-in-law and his parents. Who knew... maybe they would get her to convert.... and she burst out laughing at the very thought, just as her eyes fell on what looked like a good prospect for their wedding planner. Dana sighed. Life was good.

My mega:

Sandra sat unhappily knocking back her 5th martini. She couldn't believe she had let her witch of a mother-in-law take over her wedding and turn it into this damp, chilly, bizarre, out door bucolic (cows and all) free-for-all. Their poor guests were being asked to eat some kind of weird casserole and instead of a wedding cake, there was a huge pile of eclairs that looked way too much like cow s**t for Sandra's taste. It was a wedding that would live in infamy and she knew she was never going to live it down. Even the band - which was currently playing "Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love" was a sadistic joke. Even her friends were laughing at her. She called a waiter and started on her 6th drink. She would be avenged, though. If she had her way, Mike's mother would never see them again. She was already making plans to make sure she and Mike had an new and unlisted number in the next phone book that came out. The worst part of it all was that instead of the passionate hero she had seen him as before meeting the mother-in-law from hell, he had shown a total lack of courage in standing up for their dream of a Hawaiian wedding by the ocean, with a luau and moonlight nights galloping along the beach on white stallions. I should have called it off, she thought to herself. If Mike would let his mother do this to them on their wedding day, what could the future possibly promise. Sad to say, Sandra was right about this. She got the last laugh, though. Years later, she wrote a musical comedy based on the wedding and her marriage that was one of the biggest hits ever to hit Broadway and which later - in movie form - netted her millions. Were the two years she spent with Mike worth it? No, but getting revenge on her mother-in-law wasn't half bad.


Words for next week's 10-word challenge are:  career, incense, prosperity, chloroform, cane, electrical outlet, preponderance, salivate, chopped liver, pillows

And for the mini:  thank, teacher, movies, unleash, lamp shade

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


The Bug said...

I love all three of these! The Wiccan wedding (I wish I could be a guest at that one) & the bucolic wedding (I'll pass on it). Very well done.

I'm finally up. I was almost going to give it a pass, but I was bored at work :)

Argent said...

... and I'm even later up than Bug! Really didn't think I was going to make it this week. Your pieces are great though. Hope next words are a bit easier.