Thursday, November 25, 2010

Daily Reminder # 178

My furry babies make life so much richer and some days
are the reason I get up in the morning. Being loved is really
nice, especially when it comes with hugs and purrs and
naughty behavior that make me laugh. 

I take great joy today in the knowledge that my sister's children (and children's children),  their husbands, wives and husbandishes along with their father and other aunts are all gathered today in Arizona. I wallow in a touch of self pity that I'm not there.... except in spirit. Still, I plan to have a nice day. My neighbors usually bring me something and I have stocked something special to make for myself, so I am richly blessed. I'll probably watch Babette's Feast (one of the best movies ever). That's the plan - and listen to music and find ways to entertain myself. 

This fur-child  is sweet and bossy and emotionally very
complicated. She loves touch and fears it. She is a tease
but as much to herself as to me. She weighs five pounds
moves like a ballerina and talks like a long shoreman. She
converses. We yowl back and forth. And at night, when it
feels safe she sleeps on top of me. As much as toys  are
among Angel's reason for living, crunchies (dry food) are
Tara Grace's deepest passion. She lives for them. She's
very  funny and I wish very much that I could hug her,
but she will have none of it. Maybe one day....

I think I figured out a way not to be cold all winter and still not have a big heat bill. I cranked the heat up to 68 to take my shower today and turned it back down to 50 after I was done. But the house stayed COZY for at least another 6-7 hours. I'm hoping this was not a fluke and I can run the thermostat at normal people temps for an hour each day and be warm for most of the day. That would be a lovely change of pace from the past 4 years when I have shivered through the days in 3-4 layers. I also noticed that 68 feels almost tropical to me now that I have trained myself to live between 50 and 60. I'm very excited about this. Cross your fingers for me that it a) works and b) doesn't increase my heating costs. We will see. Something to explore in any case... and to be thankful for.

Shannon - my neighbor - took this one. We had her
trapped between us. She does not suffer fools gladly.
How she puts up with me is a tribute to her good nature.

Speaking of things to be thankful for....

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • a warm home
  • Babette's Feast
  • food and shelter
  • running water
  • a lovely warm shower
  • microfiber mats to soak up the flood and make it easier for me to get in and out of the shower
  • my cane
  • my legs
  • the ability to walk
  • my red chair & my cane
  • This is Angel last year, but I really love it.
    She has gained weight. Not sure why, but
    it worries me a bit. She's so darned, cute,
    though, isn't she?
  • eyes
  • ears
  • all the senses
  • friends
  • kind neighbors
  • my sister's children
  • knowledge that  the above "children" are happy
  • Angel and Tara Grace
  • toy mice
  • purrs
  • kitty hugs
  • the smell of white sage
  • apple cider
  • yogurt
  • cheese
  • my SSD
  • my microwave & my kitchen
  • laughter
  • netflix
  • angels
  • reiki
  • dreams
  • Facebook (only once in a while for pictures...)
  • AIM
  • email
  • Raven's Nest
  • Life

and happy small "t" thanksgiving to those
 "across the pond" and elsewhere


quilly said...

Burning candles will also help warm your house, although they aren't much cheaper than heat bills. Plus, as long as you're cooking away, fix soups or oven meals that add heat to the house.

We always turn the heat down at night, leaving it just warm enough to protect the pipes. We also turn it down when we leave home -- an option you don't have.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed holiday!

Raven said...

Interesting about candles. I don't trust Angel not to burn the house down, so I have kind of given up candles since she arrived in my life. I can just see her pushing one off the desk to see what happens.

I keep the thermostat between 50 and 55 most of the day and 50 at night. When I get too cold, I go up to 60. Trying my new system today but I'm not sure it's working.

I do use the oven on really cold nights, though these days I nuke most of my meals. I'm so pathetic that even cooking is difficult because I have to carry things around.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.