Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Reminder # 182

There was a Neale Donald Walsh email the other day that I seem to have misplaced. The gist of it was, though, that you can help manifest things in your life by giving thanks for them before you get them - as a way of letting the Universe know that you trust it. It's not the first time I've read this. I've read it from a half a dozen sources.... and I like the idea, but I really stink at doing it. I do it in some ways. I give thanks for physical things that I don't quite trust are true... and sometimes I remember to give thanks for having more than enough to pay my bills even when I don't. But I'm uncomfortable with it. I know this goes back to the source who is usually responsible form my most self-destructive failures of imagination and hope - my mother. 

I approach things like this as games. It costs me nothing to play and if it works, well... I'll help the Universe help me to help myself. Still... my mother's voice whispers in my ear how selfish and greedy I am. But tonight, I'm going to let her grumble in my ear and post some of the things I want on my gratitude list. I may do them in a different color, which in a way may defeat the game a bit but will make me feel more comfortable. (I have to worry about people thinking... she won Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes? Really? But then again maybe if everyone believes it, that adds energy to my hope.... Anyway. I'm going to play add some magical thinking to tonight's gratitude list.

This reminds me another game I played years back with a friend in Greece. It was called the Abundance Game and as I recall it involved starting with an imaginary $100 on the first day and "shopping" with it. The next day you had $200 and you had to spend the whole thing. Day three $400... and so on for as long as you could manage. It was an interesting exercise because I tended to start having trouble spending money pretty early on. You'd think it would be easy but it's more difficult than it sounds... at least for someone with guilt about having anything.

I don't know if  I'll continue giving thanks for things I haven't manifested yet or if I'll just do it privately, but I do want to experiment with it for a while. Nothing to lose, right?  Guess that's it for now.

Some things I'm grateful for today:

  • Tara's purrs
  • Angels's hugs
  • water
  • laughter
  • music
  • my computer
  • my home
  • angels
  • reiki
  • quilly's punny Monday
  • movies - Netflix
  • cheese
  • the smell of white sage
  • winning the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes
  • my new washer & dryer
  • money to turn my back porch into a mudroom/winter porch
  • a mattress for the guest room
  • new furniture
  • a Bose sound system
  • my new camera
  • my flat screen tv
  • friends
  • beauty
  • clouds
  • tree lace
  • love
  • life

Have a Glorious and Abundant Day!

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