Friday, November 05, 2010

Wordzzle Announcement

Alas, I woke up this morning feeling REALLY awful. I slept 9 hours and am still exhausted and sniffly and achy and generally truly miserable SO..... Wordzzles will be late. If a nap this afternoon perks my spirits and brain up, I'll try to post tonight.  If not, I'll try to post tomorrow morning.  If I'm still sick then, maybe I'll ask you to hold your efforts until next week.

My apologies for this. I feel yucky enough that I don't want to tough it trough and try to write something and I figure I should let people know early.


The Bug said...

That's fine. You may have noticed that I'm not getting mine up until Mondays these days.

Hope you feel better!

Argent said...

Oh, dear, hope you're feeling better soon. I'll still write something and post it when I can.

Kate said...

take care of yourself.

Elizabeth @ Table for Five said...

I'm really glad you stopped by my blog Table for Five during the BlogBlst for Peace! I've been reading through your posts and have to say, it's wonderful to find a blogger who spreads a peaceful message all year long.

I hope you feel better soon and I'll be back to visit again!