Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Wordzzle Challenge # 136

Week 136 of the Weekly (formerly Saturday) Wordzzle Challenge. Just a reminder that because of the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US, I'm skipping next week. Let me know if you think it would be a good idea to just take a break for the whole holiday season and start up again in January when people are less busy with other things.  Running late again.  Will post my mega and do the others this evening or in the morning, but just realized that I haven't made Mr. Linky available to anyone yet, so.... I wish someone else had come up with this week's words so I could be pissed off at them instead of myself. Sigh.

Words for this week's 10-word challenge were:  career, incense, prosperity, chloroform, cane, electrical outlet, preponderance, salivate, chopped liver, pillows  and for the mini: thank, teacher, movies, unleash, lamp shade

My mega:

Jeremy Teacher awakened on a massive and ornately carved bed, groggy and hungry.  Nothing in his long career as a low-level accountant had prepared him for such opulence or for the mysterious circumstances which had brought him here. Of that - his memory was vague indeed - walking down the street.... footsteps behind him, then an arm across his chest and a cloth with what must have been chloroform over his face. Then he had woken up here. If this was an abduction, he thought, he rather wished he had been abducted sooner. Leaning back against a massive collection of plush pillows he found himself salivating over a plate of chopped liver of all things, which was accompanied by a what looked like a massive salad, a bottle of wine and something that looked like pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. This was all laid out on a massive silver tray set onto a rolling cart. Looking around him, Jeremy was awed by what he saw. Everything about the room bespoke incredible prosperity. He wasn't an expert but he was pretty sure the lamp shades on the two exquisite lamps were Tiffany. The room was like something from the movies. Even the electrical outlets were elegant, somehow. The preponderance of the furnishings were heavy, dark wood - even his small dinner cart - and were clearly the best of the best. There was what appeared to be a truly mangificent oriental carpet on the floor and next to his bed was the most exquisite cane he had ever seen. He wondered who he had to thank for all this - and then in the same thought wondered if one thanked an abductor. At that very moment the door opened and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen entered and smiled at him. Ok.... now I know this is a dream the thought and awoke to find himself at home in his own bed. Oddly, thought the rich smell of lavender incense remained in his nostrils along with a lingering sense of contentment.

My mini: 

Thank your teacher, mother said
And take that lamp shade off your head
Then tell me why the dog's unleashed
And why your sister's hair is bleached
I'm made some movies to show your Dad
And I guarantee he'll be darned mad
So go upstairs and clean your room
And when you're done go fetch the broom
You'll sweep the porch and weed the garden
And maybe then I'll grant you pardon
And try to cool your father's wrath
About that C you got in math
On top of all this other stuff.
Hear me now. I've had enough
I love you dearly - yes I do
But as of now - and overdue -
This crime spree life is in your past
Grow up, you brat  and grow up fast

And my 10-word:

Prosperity Cane thought that the preponderance of evidence in the case pointed to the defendant being guilty. Being a juror was very exciting, like being part of a Perry Mason story on TV. This case had everything. First, there was a handsome defendant named Barton, who was (according to the prosecution) a career gigolo. Barton had the bluest eyes she had ever seen (looking at him made her salivate with lust until she thought about what he had done to his girlfriend). He had supposedly put poison in the chopped liver. You would think that would have been enough, but  then he had (they said) chloroformed her, using incense to cover the smell and later electrocuted her as well.  For that part of the trial, they had shown video of a cute little dog on a pillow who barked at an electrical outlet. Seemed kind of like overkill, she thought to herself... and then - much to her embarrassment, started giggling in the jury box. A stern look from the judge quickly cured that. Right now she couldn't see how Barton could not be found guilty, but tomorrow the defense would, they said, show how all these things could be explained away. And then the jury would gather and hopefully it wouldn't be like TV juries but quick and civilized and she would return back to the real world... but maybe get to do a few interviews with news people before moving back into the total obscurity of her dull life.  It was all very exciting and exhausting both.


Words for the next challenge:  celebrate, doctor, shipping, choice, stake, time flies when you're having fun, secrets, disaster, back down, clouds

And for the mini:  research, insane, clarity, toy mouse, lottery

Thanks you for playing.  Newcomers can check here for some guidelines to make the game more fun. There are no rules, just some general guidelines and tricks.


HeatherK said...

figures it was just a dream
Great poem!
"Prosperity Cane" what a great name. I'm surprised she only giggled in the jury box I laughed out loud enough for my daughter come see what i laughed at:) good job.

I posted this week. i seem to have an issue with regularity:( need a regular dose of blogamucil I guess.

Happy weekend

The Bug said...

LOL at Heather's blogamucil - very funny.

I think we were on the same wavelength. Loved the dream sequence. Or was it? Maybe he had his memory wiped except for that little slice. And the poem was great - as well as the jury story.

The Bug said...

I forgot to say that I would love a break for the holidays - starting back on January 1 or 8 would work well for me.

Argent said...

What a shame the accountant's abduction turned out to be a dream. You painted a nice rish picture of his opulent surroundings there.

Your poem is brilliant - very witty and rhymes too! You so should join us on the Poetry Bus!

Haha, you used Prosperity Cane as a name too! I only read others' wordzzles after doing mine so it's always fun to see how great minds think alike.

The words were more amenable this week, thank goodness. I'm up now.

Regarding the break - I'll go with the flow.