Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Days Off in a Row

Bad trend.... just need a break from.... myself, I think. Alas, I am stuck with me.  I have a very nice Neale Donald Walsch to share but tomorrow is another day. I am doing gratitude still, just privately without writing a list.  I'm glad for my furnace tonight, that's for sure, and for the weatherization Delaware Opportunities did for me this Spring. We are expecting SNOW here and temps in the 20s. That's just wrong.  Here are a couple of videos.

a poem - it's a 9/11 poem, but I think it's beautiful. Oddly, synchronistic, Stephen Colbert and some country singer were singing the National Anthem as I listened to it. Seemed like a sign as I tried to tell myself that it's no 9/11 so I should save it. Maybe it's good to think about this without all the hyper patriotism that wraps around the actual day. Anyway, I think it's beautiful.

and a group of powerful poems...

and something from Garrison Keillor


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